Sunday, May 17, 2009

Just a quick update, Vino Verte, and a little love magic...

Hello everyone!

It came to my attention this morning that I had my comments on this blog set so that only registered users of Blogger could comment.

I've changed that so that everyone who wants to can comment.

Thanks Jaime for letting me know!

Now... for the good stuff!

How about creating a little springtime magic with your significant other tonight?

Pictured above is the perfect snack for a warm spring evening...

Foccacia bread (this is one bread I buy because I could never make it as well as my favourite bakery!)

Really good balsamic vinegar mixed with equally good extra virgin olive oil.

Garlic stuffed olives.

And a crisp, chilled glass of vino verde.

Friends, if you haven't yet tried this charming little wine, do yourselves a favour and give it a taste.

There are two bottles of Vino Verte pictured on this blog and though they're both wonderful, the GATAO is my favourite. I haven't been able to buy it for awhile, though, because it's been sold out.

The Gazela is definitely worth trying as well.

The PB and I got onto Vino Verte one afternoon when we spotted it at our local wine store. It looked like water in the bottle and we bought it out of shere curiousity to see if something so light would taste good.

And did it ever!

It's crisp, and slightly sweet - but not overly so.

To my mind, this well priced little wine from Portugal is the nicest surprise I've come across in awhile. I plan to make it my signature wine for the summer.

So go ahead, give it a try, and then let me know if you feel the magic!


  1. I LOVE garlic stuffed olives. I get them at this little town corner deli on the way to work sometimes, and they're sooooooo good.

    Also, you're welcome and thank you! :D

  2. Sounds magical! I just took a trip in to my favorite wine shop yesterday & overspent a little.

    I always indulge in some Burgan's Albarino, a nice little white from the Galacia region of Spain. (Other brands are jut as nice.)

    And garlic stuffed olives...yum! My favorites come marinated in Chardonay.

  3. You all are women after my own heart!

    Jinx, I'll see if I can find that wine here. I'll let you know. Do try the vino verte - it's simply charming ;)

  4. I actually thought the bottle was empty until I looked closer. Hmmm, this might be perfect for me. I'm one of those Arbor Mist drinkers so this lightly mild sweet wine might be right up my alley. As for the balsamic vinegar.....Mmmm, definitely hooked on that. I tried some olives from my local grocery store - a variety - it was great fun tasting each one.