Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Hell's Kitchen Season 6 Premiere - The Maniac Marine Gets Ready To Rumble!!

It's the start of another season of Hell's Kitchen starring the ever intimidating Chef Gordon Ramsay, in the kitchen yet again to take no prisoners.

Tonight's episode began with a segment I really enjoyed.

It featured the new cast viewing clips from previous contestants lamenting the mistakes they made, while the newbies acted cocky and over confident.

All I could think was "Poor Bastards" and immediately saw the writing on the wall when our first chef to go, diner owner Louie, served Chef Ramsay gummy looking biscuits and gravy as his signature dish.

And then acted put out that Ramsay didn't enjoy the dish.

Or Suzanne, who had the colossal stupity to serve risotto

Do people not WATCH the show??

Unless you're a four star chef or grew up in Umbria, to even consider serving Gordon Ramsay risotto and think you're going to get away with it in episode one is just plain CRAZY!

But she did it.

And true to Hell's Kitchen precedent, Chef Ramsay spit the whole thing out.

That was nothing, though, compared to my favourite signature dish, Tequila French Toast a la Amanda.

Complete with shots of tequila, that she had the NERVE to drink as Chef Ramsay waved her soggy looking and highly un-appetizing french toast around.

People, she smiled and laughed as though she were a contestant on Who Wants to Be A Millionare.

Not surprisingly, she was up to leave in the first round.

Instead however, Melinda, creator of the worst lobster dish I have ever seen was first to go.

With Joseph, a former marine already lined up to rumble with Ramsay "I'm not your bitch!", a fish cook who surprised me by serving foie gras with minted caramel as his signature dish, a couple of apparent CAWDS (crazy ass women in disguise), and a fan favourite from last season, Robert back to redeem himself after a health crisis, Season Six is already shaping up to be a hilarious gastronomic ride.

Most exciting though, is the grand prize of head chef position at the fabulous Araxi Restaurant in my home province of Whistler, B.C. where most food can be sourced within one hundred miles.

Under the supervision of executive chef James Walt, the winner will have the chance to cook, and enjoy all of the culinary opportunities British Columbia has to offer prior to the 2010 winter olympics.

Stay tuned for next week.... previews show paramedics.

Will Joseph and Ramsay rumble? Or will Ramsay recognize something in Joseph and try to tame him?

In any case, I think we're all in for a fun ride!


  1. I am so mad at myself for missing this, tonight! I was so excited and have been waiting for it to come back (LOVE this show!) and then totally forgot to watch it. So glad you blogged about it, looks like this season is going to be great!

  2. I know. They seem to have cast at really interesting group of chefs this time around. I'm looking quite forward to it!