Monday, September 20, 2010

Lynne Crawford I Ain't...Acorn Squash and Coconut Goop, erm, I Mean Soup...

After a recent run of recipe successes, I got it in my head yesterday to take things up a notch and concoct the perfect soup for fall.


I know, Emerill would be so proud.

I even had the nerve to brag about it on Facebook - my amazing soup and incredible Sunday dinner prowess - letting the whole world (aka the 18 people who have hit the "like" button on this blog) know that I am the next Lynne Crawford.

Cook's note: I love Lynne Crawford. She's cool.
And because I just watched a Food Network show that featured Lynne and a squash, I decided to make my soup accordingly.

With acorn squash, no less.

Acorn squash can be peeled with a potato peeler. Do not try to remove skin with a paring knife. Almost. Lost. Finger.

To get started, I boiled the squash as per Martha's Stewart's directions in my bible: Martha Stewart's Cooking School, mashed it up and set it aside.

Mashed Squash - Oooh!!! Aaaaah!!!!!!!!!!

Onward to the broth!

Coconut, I thought, would be very Top Chef.

With curry. Chicken stock. Onions. And Evaporated milk.

I began to cook.

First by sauteeing an onion and some celery in a couple tbsp of butter, adding the curry, some salt, pepper, a little flour, the chicken stock, coconut milk, Jamaican hot sauce, and evaporated milk. Last, I added the squash.

Then I chucked all that into a blender to puree.

Mmmm right?

Have you ever seen an episode of Top Chef where they've made something that wasn't quite right so they keep adding more stuff to it?

Well that's what happened to me.

I tasted the soup.

It was all right.

Tasty even.

But not the culinary materpiece I had envisioned when I first set out.

I tried it again.

Definitely missing something...

But what?

Fall... sweetness...harvest...


That was it!! it needed apples.

And bacon.

Definitely bacon.


It takes a particular kind of person to throw bacon into a soup she intends to puree and then feed to her husband.

It takes a whole other level of crazy to take pictures while you're doing it.

I am that kind of crazy.

With a cream of acorn squash, coconut, apple, and bacon soup that still didn't taste right.

Go figure.

So I added lime.

More salt.

More pepper.

And a handful of cilantro.

(Don't ask)

The result:

Maven's Fresh Goop

Bon appetite!

I'd include a printable recipe but no.


The Poolboy (aka my husband) loved the soup so much he asked for a second bowl. Let's keep the pureed bacon our little secret.

And that's the blog!


Post script...

I wrote a companion blog for this on A Fabulously Good Life:
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  1. I love the sound of your soup! Delicious flavors you have going on in there! I cooked acorn squash yesterday too - it's very bland.

  2. My mom force fed me acorn squash, never been a big fan, & I never forgave her.

    Gimme a big golden butternut any day! I'll give this a whirl... with substitutions & let you know how I fare!

  3. Totally agree with the butternut. I'll pass on the acorn from now on. Can't wait to see what you come up with - I need a soup course for my next book club.

  4. great goop, er soup, lady. i love pureeing bacon. gives things that certain je ne se quois that people can't quite put their finger on. fab.

  5. I love all those flavors! Sounds great! Who can say no to bacon?!

  6. Your goop actually sounds delicious! Since Princess Nagger LOVES bacon, I bet I could accidentally on purpose 'forget' to tell her there's squash in there... ;)

  7. This sounds like a great soup - especially since you were able to continue to add to the soup throughout the process. taste, taste, taste as you, that's what they say. :)