Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Beat Up Butterscotch Peach Cake

Today was one of those days.

And by "those" I mean exhausting, depressing, discouraging, and blah.

The kind of day that, for whatever reason, nothing seems to quite go your way.

But then, that's November.

I've made no secret of it.

Summer with all it's splendour and fullness is my favourite time of year.

It's when good things just are, and the world seems filled with hope and possibility.

But Autumn...

It rolls in like new pencils, and bright red apples.

Then seems to lose its lustre sometime between Halloween and the 15th of November.

This morning, as if right on schedule, the November blahs set in.

I'm already fighting the tendency to eat too much in preparation for the hibernation of a long winter ahead, and if I were being really honest, I'd tell you about the frantic phone call made to my husband while he was on his way home from work today with the message: "Get Cheezies!"

I know.

But even the cheesies - a food product that normally gives me loads of comfort - weren't quite cutting the mustard, and as I roamed through the cupboards looking for something to soothe my weary soul, I realized that the prescription needed today was something sweet.

So I foraged through my pantry and found a white cake mix, a tin of peaches, and a box of instant butterscotch pudding.


I then remembered the tub of Cool Whip I so cleverly purchased not one week prior in anticipation of hot chocolate on a blustery night, and decided to concoct some sort of butterscotch peach cake.


I began by dividing the tin of peaches in half.

Saving half the peaches without syrup for the frosting, and the other half for the cake.

To the cake peaches, I read the amount of water needed on my box of cake mix, and added water to the syrup to equal 1-1/4 cups.

I then followed the recipe on the box adding three eggs, 1/3 cup vegetable oil, and the peaches/water combination.

Blended it on medium for two minutes, and poured into two greased cake pans.

Two greased unfloured cake pans.

And baked at 350 for about 30 minutes.

When the cakes came out of the oven, I put them on a rack to cool and then got to work on the topping by combining 2 cups of Cool Whip with 2 cups of butterscotch pudding.

After they cooled, I attempted to remove the sweet smelling beauties from their unfloured pans.

Thus creating the "beat up" portion of this blog.

"Typical!" I thought, "As if my day hadn't been bad enough, I mangled my cake!"

But then my voice of reason kicked in...

Reminding me that at the heart of every crisis, lies many gifts.

And in a fit of Oprah Ah Ha moment fabulosity, I realized that my beat up cake was the perfect metaphor for my beat up day and that, further, I still had the power to choose how my cake would turn out despite what had happened to it.

In life and in cake, it is not about the things that happen to us that determine our fate, it is what we do with our circumstances that ultimately decide whether we thrive or fail.

And I chose thrive!

I looked upon the cake's mangled qualities as opportunities to get the creamy frosting deep into its nooks and crevices.

Much like with people, sometimes a cake needs a little wear and tear to fully appreciate the good things.

I am happy to report, the finished product was moist, lush, and delicious - if not a little eccentric (which is how I like my people, surroundings, and food)

Proving yet again that true beauty always resides within the layers of love and acceptance moulded by the Creator's hands.


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  1. Deliciousness---on so many levels!

  2. This sounds most delicious. I wish I had a kitchen to get creative in! I'm definitely going to make this, and some of your other recipes (especially canning and baking ones) when I finally have a kitchen of my own.

  3. It's so much fun to think of my friends trying my recipes - it means a lot.

  4. The beauty of frosting on a cake...the cake itself doesn't have to be perfect! It turned out looking delicious.