Sunday, March 20, 2011

From Flabulosity to Fabulosity! The *Video* Diary of a Determined Dieter - Part One

Well, here I am - taking another one of those risks I talked about earlier in the year.

In order to increase my accountability on this, the last diet I will ever go on, I plan to document the journey via a series of poor quality videos.

Mind you, there's something to be said for grainy - after all, it provides automatic air brushing which can only ever be a good thing.

That being said, this is the first in what is going to be a series of video diary entries chronicling the misadventures of your favourite determined dieter as she makes her way from Flabulosity to Fabulosity!

Our video today begins with our heroine strategically stuffed into a white spandex casing that she will continue to wear as the diaries go on. You, the honoured viewer, are asked to watch for any shrinking from diary to diary and are encouraged at any time to lie and tell me how fabulous I am even on weeks when you don't notice a thing.

People, I don't mind dishonesty if it's flattering, so by all means, bring it on.

In the meantime, be sure to check out my latest healthy recipes and try them for yourself. A big part of sticking with a weight loss plan, I believe, is in having food that tastes good.

(Listen to me, the Deepak Choprah of the diet world )


Sweet and Savoury Ground Turkey Lettuce Wraps
Asian Maple Salmon
Light and Tasty Tortellini en Brodo
Creole Sirloin with Avocado, Bean, and Tomato Salad
Lentil Stew with Maple Turkey Bacon, Apples, and Swiss Chard

And now onto the show.

In which our heroine eerily channels the spirit of Cam from Modern Family

Until next time everyone!

Stay Fabulous :-)


  1. Well your fabulousness shines through on this! My goodness, I can't imagine speaking that well to the camera, which hates me. I can be feeling pretty svelte, but see myself on the security camera at the grocery store and think "MY GOD!" Technology is not fair to those of us who are vertically challenged.

    Bravo to you for documenting your journey though! I missed the bowls video, but I look forward to watching these. Plus I could use a little motivation. It's winter, I have gone back to work, and they bring brownies and yummies in way too often for me to resist.

  2. I see a difference from your food network video!! I think this is a wonderful idea...and you are fabulous!!

  3. Do you really see a difference Mel???


    MM - you missed the Big Bowls? I will re-post it when I'm less flabulous ;)

    SMOOCHES to both!

  4. I saw a difference immediately. I absolutely do see a difference. No question....Honest to God.

  5. Now THAT'S what I'm talking about!!

    SMOOCHES to Lyndsayfan - in all seriousness, MUCH appreciated!


  6. Wow you are truly fab-tab-ulous!!! 8-10lbs in 2 weeks - wowza! Lots of great stuff - I like the running/walking/running idea. Good luck and you do have some amazing recipes here!

  7. Great job! I have been thinking about accountability as I strugle to lose my baby weight (from the child that will be 4 next week.) Just seeing your video and hearing what you are doing inspired me to strengthen my resolve. Thanks!

  8. Hello and yes the weight loss is wonderful, but I must tell you that what I find incredible is your bravery! You are making this easier for me as well, and I thank you!

  9. Hey, congrats on your 8-10 pounds lost so far! And I love it that you are allowing yourself some of the things most diets forbid - like the glass of red wine.

    So I have your permission to eat a dark chocolate Reece's peanut butter cup once a week? I think I will do that on Mondays to make going back to the office at least a little less of a drag.

    ~That Weather Girl

  10. Hi Christy :-) Thank you for that - LOL! Your comment had such great energy I feel re-motivated!

    Alea, I hear you. My son is 19 - this is my baby weight ;)

    Melynda, can I tell you - that means a lot to me. When friends let me know they feel a little more inspired it makes me want to continue even more!

    Hi TWG - Enjoy that chocolate :-) And you know me, I had to work my red wine into the points system somehow. It's good for the heart, afterall.

  11. You are so brave for putting yourself out there! I am trying to lose a few pounds myself to fit into my summer clothing comfortably so I am right there with you. I wish you the best - you're doing great!

  12. You are inspiring. I too started a health care plan a couple of weeks ago. What about breakfast recipes?

  13. Breakfast... I do need more good recipes.

    Thanks Angelnina, so are you.

  14. I think you look thinner already. What a great way to hold yourself accountable! Of course, you're always fabulous!

  15. Smooches to you Catz for saying that :-) xoxoxoxoxo