Thursday, April 14, 2011

What Not to Do When Entering a Cooking Contest - The Real Women of Philadelphia

Throughout my life, part of my charm has involved an uncanny ability to do things in a big way.

Whether that be sending my son to his first science fair with a 6x9 professional display board from work, or attempting to be a parent runner for his grade seven track team, I have always been All In when it comes to life.

And certainly, that has been no different as I've embarked on my latest adventure with The Real Women of Philadelphia contest.

A contest in which I have learned there are are certain faux pas it is adviseable to avoid while trying to make a good first impression - and I worked hard to do so.

Not only was I going to do a video featuring my original recipe for The Philly Nibbler, I was going to make certain to name the sponsors: KRAFT Foods Canada, the wonderful site administrator for the contest "Miss Philly," and - of course - the celebrity host Anna Olson.

Anna Olson is one of my favourite Food Network Canada hosts. She is engaging, knowledgeable, and her recipes are consistently good.

Which is why it was probably not best practice to ebulliently and effusively refer to her as "Candace" in the opening of my inaugural video, or to continue the trend by referring to her as Candace on the Real Women of Philadelphia posting boards.

People who know me - and in particular, my colleagues at work - are shaking their heads, as this is certainly not an isolated incident.

I once went through an entire six week training referring to one of the participants as "Beverly" when her name was Patty.


The only thing I can do now is look on the bright side.

At the very least, perhaps it made me more memorable.

As for Anna, I have let her know she is free to call me Donna for the duration of the contest.

And that's the blog!

Have a beautiful Thursday everyone...


  1. DAAAANG! Ahh, Anna/Candy...should have just called her "whaddeveryourface", haha.
    Dear Anna, get over it princess. There, you're all good.

  2. LOL LOL!!! You crack me up! :o)

  3. You always leave me with a smile, but you have me laughing out loud this morning. Some people just have trouble with names and it looks like you're one of them. You've chosen to embrace rather than run from it and it does indeed add to your charm. When I was in junior high I went all of my 8th grade year being called Christine by one of my classmates. I didn't have the heart to tell her that my name was Pattie (not Beverly, mind you!).

  4. So she is a cook and a decorator. Perfect.

  5. You do crack me up! Love it when you mess up, cause girl we all do! That about makes you the realest real out there.

  6. Hey everyone!

    Thanks for sharing a laugh with me - it has been very therapeutic as I felt really bad about my name mix up!!

    Seriously. Who else does stuff like this?

  7. I do! I screw up names all the time which is why I tend to avoid using them if at all possible. At least you had the guts to make a video! I am still struggling with this. Most of all because I have no idea how to go about the technicalities of such a challenge but also, well, video freaks me out.

    I adore Anna and if I know her at all, she is going to focus on you and the food, not the faux pas my friend.

  8. Ha! So when you mess up the names you really mess up. :D I used to have a co-worker who always messed up the kids names, but she would get the first Susie instead of Sally, or Matthew instead of Marcus it would crack me up, she would never get it right.
    I do like how you jump in with both feet!