Friday, June 17, 2011

Lights! Camera! Action! My Philly Inspired Dinner Party

Hi everyone!

If you missed my blog the other day about hosting a dinner party Real Women of Philadelphia style, definitely check it out for the recipes and information!

The dinner party was last night and was a resounding success!

If you'd like to see my guests reactions or some lovely footage of me in my pink robe, pyjamas, and no make up at the end give it a watch!

The partyyyyyyy's over.....


  1. Lyndsay, that was so much fun to watch!! I'm counting down the days.......

  2. Lynds! What a great idea. (and your Mom is very beautiful - as she always has been!!)
    I wish you had more footage of the comments of her guests - it was very interesting feedback I am sure.

    I bet they get you to do that again. What a treat.. HEY! Hold the phone - maybe you can do this as a side job???? Maybe a kernal of an idea there?


  3. Awesome shots on the dinner set. The lighting was of great balance. Filmed very well too.