Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Ben Starr Cooks His Last Venison on Master Chef

Although I'm still licking my wounds after sending Master Chef's Ben Starr an ebullient and incredibly effusive friend request on Facebook (that he promptly ignored) I have decided to forgive him this transgression because:

A: He's just so darned likeable. In the history of Masterchef has there ever been a contestant better at conveying looks of shock and fear than Ben Starr?

B: It is quite likely I came off as a stark raving loon/stalker in my friend request (people, it wouldn't be the first time) thus creating fear in my idol that I might be boiling his rabbit at some point.

Or in this case, his venison.

The chef's this evening were charged with re-creating one of Gordon Ramsay's recipes and Ben Starr as challenge winner was given the advantage of deciding what that dish would be.

Ben, in a state of ebullience verily equal to mine ( the reason I imagined us as earnest and well meaning Facebook friends) chose venison - a dish he has cooked many times over.

But veterans of televised cooking competitions know - the minute you get a dish around which there is a lot of comfort, the culinary Gods strike back and it seldom works out in that cooks favour because in this arena, beginners luck seems to have credence.

Case in point: Suzy, who had never cooked venison in her life.

Her incredibly well thought out dish was the only one to receive a get out of jail card and move on to the final four.

Not so much for the others, who - including Ben - managed to bastardize Ramsay's venison into a mere shadow of its original fabulosity.

(which, of course meant all kinds of great suspense shots of Ben's face - who I always predicted would win Master Chef on this basis alone)

But alas, it wasn't to be.

Ben has cooked his last meal on Master Chef and I am sad.

He has been a generous, funny, and inspiring competitor and I wish him nothing but the best in his future endeavours (declined friend request notwithstanding)

In the meantime, I am now rooting for....

You'll just have to wait and see!

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