Wednesday, November 2, 2011

"Gobblers" - The Appetizer that Almost Got Me onto Recipe to Riches!

As many of you know, I auditioned to be on the Food Network show "Recipe to Riches" earlier this year with my original recipe for "Gobblers" - cheesey little cornbread mini muffins filled with zesty chili con carne.

Not only was I thrilled to be given a golden ticket for consideration to be on the show because all three judges (Laura Calder, Tony Chapman, and Dana McCauley) loved the idea, I felt like I stepped out of a rut or two and, truly, had the time of my life at the auditions!

The story went on, and though I was short listed to be on the show, my beloved  Gobblers didn't quite make it to the finish line - however, in the time between,  I came up with a marketing plan and several coordinating recipes just because.

Go big or go home, right?

So without further ado I'm pleased to present...

"Gobblers" - "Les Gloutons"
Canada's first choice in healthy entertaining

From the freezer to your plate in 60 seconds!

(*Disclaimer* This was some of the marketing plan I came up with. The Gobbler isn't actually going to be a President's Choice product)

"When Superstore Divah/ Food Network Junkie, Lyndsay Wells caught wind of the Recipe to Riches contest, she knew it was her DESTINY to compete. Not only because she has never had a Costco membership but because she believes in the President's Choice brand and immediately envisioned one of her many delicious recipes as President's Choice items.

In Lyndsay's baby book under "special accomplishments" her mother wrote "Likes to eat" - a passion that continues to grow with time. As an advocate of slow food and the farm to table movement, Lyndsay looked to create a product that would utilize fresh, local Canadian ingredients that have scientifically proven health benefits in ways that have not been thought of until now.

Armed with the fervent belief that healthy food can still be fun, Lyndsay has created a product that is versatile, easy to prepare, and most of all - delicious!

The Gobbler, which began it's life as a take on chili, is a testament to the power of resilience. Advised to slim down and perhaps recreate itself as an appetizer, the Gobbler has emerged as the Jennifer Hudson of the food world enjoying new found fame as a line of healthy, bite sized snacks."


Since you can't actually buy these, if you'd like to try any of these lovely little morsels yourself, here's the recipe!

Original Gobblers

And here's the how to video for the chili con carne recipe all the judges loved :-)

Let's hope for a second season... you won't believe what I've dreamed up next!

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