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Cherry Hill Part 2 - Amanda's Quiche Tartlets

Hi everyone, and welcome to the second installment in my Cherry Hill blog series!

"A Taste of Nostalgia - Cherry Hill Blogs" feature a fictional character named Amanda Fitzpatrick.

Amanda is a married twenty five year old mother of two, who's husband Paul has recently taken a position as the only doctor in the sleepy village of Cherry Hill Saskatchewan in 1947.

As such, this is the first time she has ever been away from her home in Halifax Nova Scotia, her beloved mother, and her two older sisters.

Each week the Cherry Hill blog will feature a letter home from Amanda along with a vintage recipe from one of the many recipe books I've collected over the years.

I hope you enjoy...


January 10, 1947

Dear Mother,

It's your daughter; once again writing from the sleepy town of Cherry Hill Saskatchewan where an awful lot has happened since last I wrote.

I'll start by saying Happy New Year in the hopes that you and daddy had a lovely time New Year's Eve and let you know I've decided 1947 is going to be the best year ever.

In consideration of everything you taught me about turning the other cheek, I am determined not to let the antics of a certain Mrs. Wilson get to me this year.

Though some days, I must admit, are more difficult than others.

Did I mention in my last letter that the Protestant Ladies Association organized a New Year's Eve gala in the church hall this year?

I was originally on the decorating committee but when I shared my idea of turning the hall into a Hollywood supper club, I was immediately relegated to organizing the potluck.

Not surprisingly, Mrs. Wilson took charge and came up with her own original idea to decorate the hall in the theme of Hollywood glamour.

All her devoted friends oooh'd and ahhh'd while I was left to track people down for Seven Layer Dinner, Tuna Noodle Casserole, and Mrs. Fraser's haggis.

Mother, Even now, I get the shivers.

Meanwhile, Aunt Faith's wedding gift of The Joy of Cooking certainly came in handy.

Using instructions for making quiche, I created the most elegant little tartlets.

 That is, however, where the controversy begins because Mr. Wilson, bless his heart, took quite the shine to them - proving yet again there are some people who would be better served by avoiding alcohol.

He was onto his third or fourth vodka gimlet when he exclaimed he wanted to kiss the cook and began chasing me around the buffet table.

Although most of the guests found his antics amusing, this was not the case with Mrs. Wilson who promptly grabbed a platter of Marge Henderson's famous devilled eggs and began smooshing them into poor Mr. Wilson's rented tuxedo.

Mother, after my best intentions to keep a low profile, the quiche tartlets have suddenly changed my status to "tart" and I'm just beside myself!

Of course Paul thinks it will all just blow over but as an act of penance, I have been spending Tuesday and Thursday afternoons volunteering at the Sunnyvale Home for seniors.

Though I feared for dear Mrs. Pratt's very life when I told her what happened with the tarts.

She laughed so hard it affected her breathing.

In the meantime, I'd best get back to work. Monday is pot roast night and Paul is particular that his dinner be on the table promptly by five.

Bobby and Sally send their love.

For now I will sign off with the tartlet recipe. I hope you enjoy.

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Quiche Tartlets
For printable recipe click HERE

 Your loving daughter,

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  1. I am sooooooo happy to see Amanda BACK!!!!!!!!!!!! I love this series and your writing. You have a GIFT dear girl, don't waste it. Let it FLOURISH!!!! Thank you so much for your SWEET comments on my blog. You are a sweetheart and I hope only HUGE success comes your way: you deserve it! XO, Pinky

    1. Thank you for encouraging me to bring her back! xoxoxoxo right backatcha Pinky!

  2. HA! I aspire to be called a tart! lol Love the recipe and the storyline...

    1. Thanks Chantal - I too dream of being tarted up - ha ha ha ha!

  3. Keep em coming Lyndsay, love reading your stories.

    1. Thanks Patti - that is so appreciated :-)