Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Easter Ponderings... Do You Believe in Magic?

When I was a little girl I had two burning desires.

The first was to be a guest on Sesame Street.

And the second, to go to Disney.

So deep was this desire, I even had an imaginary playmate I aptly named "Mickey."

But because of the circumstances of my childhood, Disney was not in the cards for me and the only way I could visit the magic kingdom was to go there in my mind.

And what a place it was!

A land filled with kindness and stardust and awe inspiring attractions that would take my soul to places never dreamed of but always hoped for.


The problem, however, is that magic never quite lives up to it's own expectations.

Whether it be the "perfect" job, marriage, relationship, or world - when we go into a situation with our expectations set too high, it seems inevitable that at some point the thought "Is this all there is?" will cross our mind.

With the exception being New Orleans.

One of the only places I have ever been that actually surpassed all of my expectations.

But that was a past life thing.



Surprisingly, when I finally got to Disneyland as an adult (don't cry for me Argentina), the experience caused me to re-evaluate many things I held true about life and the things I thought were important.


I once wrote a poem called "An Ode to Men" where the last line went:

"So if you meet a man, my friends,
No matter how disarming...
Unless your name is Snow White,
There's no way he's Prince Charming"

That, in it's own strange way, pretty much sums up the experience of Disney for me.

It was great.


And even a little disarming.

But magical?


As much as I wanted to experience what I call my "God shivers," they just never occurred for me in the land of Mickey and Minnie.

Maybe it was the terrorized children parents took into age inappropriate rides, the inevitable gift shop at the end of every attraction waiting, big bad wolf like, to take our money, or the over abundance of little girls dressed in princess gear with sparkle in their hair and petulant looks on their faces at two and three years old.

As an aside, why don't little girls aspire to be more interesting characters?

Like an evil queen, or a dwarf or something?

Meanwhile - though the costume of the hour for little girls was "Princess," the popular choice for little boys was certainly not "prince."

To contrary.

Adventure seeking boys could be seen throughout the park in swash buckling pirate attire.

Ready to sail the seven seas, a wench in every port, leaving Prince Charming to sit at home with Snow White painting her toe nails and gossiping about the Real Housewives.

Ah magic.

At the same time, however, there were highlights.

Watching a two year old boy take in the wonder of it all during "It's a Small Word" (an attraction I LOVED because it was so old fashioned).

President Lincoln narrating in the Hall of Presidents.

And going on a journey through time on the Carousel of Progress.

These three things were my favourite parts of the day and in them, I found my magic.

Not because they were "spectacular spectacular" per se, but because they connected within me to something real.

Something good.

And something very human.

That, my friends, is where I believe the real magic is anyway and on this lovely Tuesday before Easter I invite everyone who reads this to really think about the things you desire.

True magic exists in your child's smile, the love of your partner, and your belief in yourself.

At the end of the day, I believe that loving ourselves - the good, the bad, and the ugly, is God's wish for us all.

What do you think?


If you have a minute, stop by today's video and check out the 411 on my husband's birthday cake.

Can you say YUMM?

Happy Easter everyone!


  1. It's 6:22 in the morning here, chilly and dark. I have a day of sanding drywall ahead of me after I get the boys off to school. (I demo-ed a bath last week, now I have to make it usable again) I will have hours to ruminate on your words....and perhaps I will write later, when the sun has set. I so enjoy you, Lyndsay, you do inspire!

  2. So true! And, I loved the poem! I haven't been to Disney in over 20 years, but it was fun, NOT magical. I loved Epcot. I am SO glad you are writing again, you DO have a gift! XOXO, P

    1. The poem was an offshoot of my jaded early 20's :-) Prince Charming turned out to be a dud - ha ha ha!!

      Thanks Pinky.