Monday, May 21, 2012

All Aboard Cookies

As promised, tomorrow renowned pastry chef, author and Food Network host, Anna Olson, will be guest blogging here at The Kitchen Witch!

With that in mind, I wanted to take everything I've learned so far from my first three experts, Cindy Jameison, Jeanine Friesen, and Ian Chin and combine that knowledge to create an original cookie.

With their help - and suggestions from my husband, affectionately known as The Pool Boy - we came up with a crispy, crunchy, and soft in the middle cookie that I am very proud to present!

Tomorrow we will add to the knowledge of our experts with tips from Anna on taking our baking to the next level!

But for now, here's the printable recipe for these incredible cookies  and my step by step how to video.

Be well everyone!

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  1. these sound amazing!!! I love that you call your husband the pool boy, thats so funny!

  2. OMG, y'all did a phenomenal job with this one. (see I'm so excited my southern accent that I aquired while living in Nashville is coming out, LOL). Definitely going to give these a try. Way to go Pool Boy!!

  3. Great job Lyndsay - will certainly try. Proud of you girl ;0 Chantal xox

  4. Sounds like a cookie any pool boy would like, tee hee. I wish my husband would take more of an interest in cooking or baking. He mainly is interested in the consuming, ha ha.

  5. These cookies remind me of those killer Girl Scout cookies with the coconut and chocolate ... the addition of the candied pineapple is an added treat!