Sunday, May 13, 2012

Come Make a Little Magic with The Kitchen Witch!

I'm sitting on my front porch sipping fresh hot coffee and listening to what can only be described as the sounds of summer... cheerfully chirping birds, a gentle breeze through the leaves, and in the distance - a lawn mower. There is something so healing in the sites, sounds, and smells of a late spring morning, reminding me that summer and all her bounty are just around the corner.

Today, my husband and I will go on a picnic to our favourite spot - a small cove nestled between the rocks on a wind swept Vancouver Island beach. We will sip wine and eat cold chicken and be in the moment, the waves reminding us of the ever moving nature of time.

Perhaps that will be a bit of a theme with The Kitchen Witch this week- an embracing of old traditions while we move ever forward into something new.

On Monday I will be continuing with Part 2 of my "Meet the Experts" installments on wine - this time on wine pairing. What foods pair well with what wines and I'll feature a lovely little nosh on CHARMED to be enjoyed with either a red or a white.

Tuesday will find us back in KRAFT Foods kitchens for the second half of the cook off round in How a Pork Tenderloin Saved my Life - but what I am super excited about is Wednesday! This because I'm revamping an old classic: Tuna Casserole for Weekday Wednesdays! And yes, I realize only a hardcore foodie could get excited about a revamped casserole - tuna no less - but I am!

In Thursday's episode of Cherry Hill we'll be traveling backward in time to 1947 Regina with Amanda, Jack, and the Little League team. Stay tuned to find out what Amanda thinks about Jack's Peking duck and what Jack reveals to her over the fortune cookies!

With our Cherry Hill theme in mind, I'm going to be doing Take Out  Style Chinese Food at Home for Friday Night Foodie along with a step by step How to Video that you don't want to miss - followed by a cocktail made with gin and some more juice gossip Saturday!

Until then, though, how about a nice recipe for Mother's day?

My delightfully decadent original recipe for Sunshine Cupcakes are sure to brighten any day! Please visit the recipe HERE

Until tomorrow everyone, here's wishing you all a wonderful day!


  1. Happy Mother's Day to you! Looking forward to this week's posts. Have a great week!

  2. Sounds like you have a perfect day planned! The coming week sounds quite delicious.


  3. Hubby and I enjoyed sitting outside on our porch this week listening to the birds. We were discussing that we hadn't seen any hummingbirds yet, when almost on cue, one came and was in the flowers right in front of me. I just find watching those tiny little beauties like I am witnessing something magical. Hope your Mother's Day was a nice one.