Sunday, May 27, 2012

What's Happening at The Kitchen Witch this Week

Hey everyone, and Happy Sunday once again!

I hope my American friends are enjoying a beautiful Memorial Day weekend - if you're on the lookout for a sumptuous meal on the grill, check out today's featured recipe down the side bar.

Because of the long weekend, I'll be skipping Meet the Experts tomorrow and will, instead, feature one of my most popular Cooking with Philly side dish recipes! Oh, and watch for another installment of How a Pork Tenderloin Saved My Life later today!

Here in Canada, Season 3 of Top Chef Masters begins Monday night. Though we're a little behind the US (season 4 already begins there in July) I'll be reviving "Life Lessons Learned Watching Top Chef Masters" and can't wait to share this combination of tongue in cheek food related zen with everyone here!

Weekday Wednesday is all about breakfast for dinner, and you won't believe the plot twist I have in store for Amanda and the gang in Thursday's Cherry Hill blog!

Foodie Friday brings another Kitchen Witch original recipe - this time inspired and named after my niece Amy who won last week's Name that Dish challenge on The Kitchen Witch Facebook page!

If you want a recipe created just for you, like my page, join the fun, and watch for Name that Dish!

And then lookout for another Next Food Network Star season 8 recap also on Friday - taking us into another weekend, more cocktails, and lots of gossip!

So hop on board and, because I luvs ya, here's a little vintage Kitchen Witch featuring my garden, and two DYNAMITE salad recipes: A Summer Salad Extravaganza!

Here's to a fabulous week ahead! Bring the daily magic of The Kitchen Witch straight to your inbox every time a new one is written.

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