Saturday, June 9, 2012

Anthony Bourdain and Nigella Lawson to Host a New Reality Cooking Show

In doing a little legwork for this week's Cocktail's and Gossip segment, I ran across an article featuring a svelte and slimmed down Nigella Lawson who claims her drastic recent weight loss came from a combination of having recently had bunion surgery which made it that much more difficult to hobble to the fridge, and the fact that she hasn't been cooking on camera for a few years.

The cookbook author who once recommended filling ice cube trays with the left over dregs of wine in people's glasses to use for later, said that the stress of filming always gets the better of her.

“When you film you get so tired, and there’s something about lack of sleep and stress that just makes me put on weight even though my eating doesn’t change,” she said. “It’s very annoying, and like someone has taken a bicycle pump to me.”

Either way, more power to her - although, speaking from a place of personal preference, I thought she looked better prior to her current state of emaciation weight loss.

However, with the recent announcement that she and Anthony Bourdain will be hosting a cooking reality show for ABC, it stands to reason she may have wanted to slim down for the American market and exposure the show is sure to get.

Bourdain, who is famous for his outspoken criticism of Food Network celebrities like Paula Dean and Guy Fieri reassures his fans that this is not going to be a sell out move "We will not be dumbing it down, we will not change our basic natures, we will not be morphing into something we are not. We will continue to do what we do. And have a hell of a good time doing it."

I, for one, couldn't be more thrilled because I have always enjoyed watching Nigella and Bourdain in action seperately - so together promises to be a lot of fun.

I wonder, though, if the market is becoming too saturated with reality food shows. ABC claims this is going to be a show like no other, but it's description sounds an awful lot like Master Chef - with one big difference that, I have to admit, greatly intrigues me. On the ABC show, anyone can try out - meaning professional chefs, line cooks, food bloggers, and stay at home moms all have opportunities to compete.

Because Bourdain has always been vocal about a lack of talent in non professionally trained food network folk like Paula Deen and Rachel Ray, I am going to be incredibly curious to see if any home cooks pass his muster.

Of course, you KNOW I'll blogging about this one when it comes on!

And for today's cocktail and appie I hope you enjoy my Carmelized Onion and Mushroom Tartlets

And a cocktail I call The Energizer.

Enjoy the step by step video and, as always, happy Cocktail and Appie Saturday!

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  1. now thats a show I will love to see, I enjoy both of them, she has always been a favorite and i really enjoy Anthony Bourdain, he is just so darn attractive and the bad boy type our mama's said to stay away from, ha ha , yummy mushrooms as well,

    1. Laurie, you are so funny! But I have to agree, and Bourdain has gotten even better with age!

  2. Oh my I cannot wait! I absolutely love Nigella Lawson. I've watched her shows as long as I can remember, sometimes even curled up with a warm mug of cocoa on the couch with my mom and sister, haha! I've never been much of Bourdain fan, but I can't help but think that this dynamic duo will change my opinion.

    I keep seeing all this hype about Master Chef across the web ... I'll admit I've never even watched one episode. I suppose that needs to change!

    1. I always loved it at the end of the show when she'd go back to the fridge for a snack. Hands down, one of the best food shows ever. Master Chef is very good, especially when the auditions are over and they start competing. The talent some of the home cooks out there have is amazing.

  3. Should be very interesting. Thanks for the heads up. I haven't seen Nigella in a while and have missed her--especially those "snacks".


  4. This will certainly be a show I will have to check out. I always make my husband turn the channel quickly if Anthony Bourdain is on because I don't want to see him eating something that would gross me out.

  5. i think there are enough "reality" shows out there (we all know reality isn't really reality, right??) ;)
    I like 'how to' shows, tired of the competition & reality food shows. and I love food shows. :(