Tuesday, June 5, 2012

He Got Screwed by a Pigeon - Hell's Kitchen Season 10, Episode 1

Here's the difference between cooking shows on The Food Network vs cooking shows starring Gordon Ramsay on Fox - skinhead wigs.

Just when you thought reality TV on Fox couldn't get any zanier, Ramsay's 10th season opened with a challenge for the contestants to show their dedication by having their heads shaved. And while I could tell the supposedly bald sous chef Andi Van Willigan was in a skin head wig, a few of the chefs were willing to step up to the scissors, so to speak, before Ramsay made a dramatic appearance claiming no chefs would be balded in Hell's Kitchen this season.

What a relief!

In the initial challenge - men vs women - we saw some hits, like Robyn from Hollywood Florida's Seared Stripe Bass over Yellow Romesco Sauce that Chef Ramsay said was visually impactful - and some misses, like Executive Catering Chef Guy's Striped Bass with a Chocolate Miso Sauce - a concept that probably doesn't need any further comment.

In a close battle - the men lost to the women when Chef Clemenza from Staten Island finished a perfectly seared stuffed veal chop with (people, I can barley get the words out) truffle oil.

For the sweet, sweet love of Joe Bastianich, Clemenza - didn't you watch last season's opener of Master Chef?


Onward to dinner service.

With a fully packed house we we were treated to standard Hell's Kitchen mayhem as Ramsay screamed classics like "Touch them, touch them, touch the scallops," and "The pigeon's so raw it could still fly!"

The chef's scrambled to recover from two apparent scalloptastrophes, a Wellington gone raw, and a serving of crunchy spaghetti by Royce - the self proclaimed "best chef in Hell's Kitchen" - to which I say, famous last words people, famous last words.

In the end, both teams got shut down and kicked out of the kitchen:

"100 diners, 18 chefs, zero entrees served"

And while the chefs looked on like battle weary veterans blindsided by puff pastry and crustaceans, the men came out on the bottom and retired to the patio for cigarettes and argument to decide who among them was the worst of the worst.

Devon and Don were put up, but Ramsay disagreed and replaced Don with the ego-maniacal Royce.

In the end, the chef who Ramsay said "got screwed by a pigeon," Devon, was sent home.

Stay tomorrow for Part 2 and some of my early impressions of the leading villains for this season and an apparent throw down in the women's kitchen!

My Episode 2 Recap: Nicotine and Cockletails

And if you're watching Master Chef my recap can be found here.

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1 comment:

  1. I for the life of me am always surprised that people actually come to the restaurant and actually think they are going to get anything to eat. Have they ever served a meal the first day?? I thought it was funny that Ramsey kept calling it pigeon, instead of squab, sounds so much more unappetizing. Hubby and I wonder what the "diners" think of the kitchen conversations.