Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Hell's Kitchen Season 10, Episode 2, Nicotene and Cockletails

Night two in Hell's Kitchen started off with more smoking, dysfunction, and accusations.

Which brings me to the second difference between programming on the Food Network and programming on Fox: nicotene.

People, you are never going to see The Next Food Network Star candidates wallowing around in a smoky haze as they trash talk one another - which is why Gordon Ramsay will always have a special place in my heart.

Yes, I want to watch the brighter, cleaner, Oz-like world of Paula Dean and Bobby Flay - but in much the same way as I love watching Oprah, every now and then, a girl needs her Jersey Shore - or, in this case, Hell's Kitchen.

As an aside, I can remember the cooks in my family stirring the gravy while simultaneously sucking back on their Camels and Belvedere lights, but in the kinder, less smoky world of 2012, I prefer my cream sauce to not have ash in it.

Just sayin.

Tonight's episode began with a scallop challenge and the women once again came out on top.

While they enjoyed their reward on the high seas sipping champagne, zip lining, and exploring Catalina, the men were tasked by sous chef Scott with drinking scallop smoothies - a noxious pursuit, yes, but one that seemed to have a binding effect because by the end of their cockletails they decided to bond and work together.

Alas, there were no scallop smoothies for the women's team - which may or may not have led to their eventual unwinding because in the kitchen for dinner service that night, Season 10 of Hell's Bitches began to re-emerge.

The guys came in Ninja style with headbands on and Samurai attitudes flashing while the women attempted to ward off the evil spirits that were threatening to invade their bodies.

And after one poorly cooked dish after another arrived at the pass for both teams,  Ramsay issued the following challenge: "God help anybody if something's wrong on this next ticket. God help them."

*Cue the thunder*

But any rallying from either side was short lived and soon enough, both kitchens were shut down before dinner service was over. Standard issue for Hell's Kitchen episode two.

This, however, didn't stop the women from losing their ever loving minds and the re-education of the Hell's Bitches season 10  went down in the dorms with such ferocity that I was afraid for my safety all the way from here.

And if you think women can't be brutal, think again, because their gang up on Barbie was one for the record books.

In the end it came down to Chris, Royce, Barbie, and Roshni and, with these final words from Chef Gordon Ramsay: "I'm deeply sorry that a non stick pan and three scallops frazzled your mind," Chris was asked to go home.

Stay tuned next Monday for more updates and, until then, have a great week!

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  1. The way these chefs smoke makes me gag. How can they even taste the food they are putting out?