Monday, June 11, 2012

Hell's Kitchen Season 10, Episode 3 - Brianna has a Codastrophe!

Tonight's episode began with more accusations from the women's team toward Barbie - who apparently isn't in the market to make any new friends and purposefully woke up early to create a disruption in the kitchen.

But the melee ended early when Ramsay summoned the cooks to a swearing in ceremony for a new group of American citizens in the Hell's Kitchen dining room.

The teams were charged with serving an all American meal of California Cobb Salad followed by three entrees; Nebraska Beef Sliders, New York style pizza, and a Wisconsin Grilled Cheese Sandwich as their reward challenge.

The team that finished serving their side of the dining room first would be the challenge winner.

Despite the fact that the entire women's team could benefit from an exorcism, they somehow managed to pull it together to win today's reward: a trip in a private jet to a San Diego safari with Gordon Ramsay - while the men's team spent the day working outdoors in the hot sun logging a very large, thick tree.

While at lunch with Ramsay, the women make a promise to complete dinner service and as both teams geared up, a power struggle between Royce and Patrick (an early favourite of mine) began to emerge.

After two disappointing services from Royce, Ramsay places a call to Royce's boss: Ralph Pagano; Season 1 Hell's Kitchen runner up.

All I can say is, the pep talk must have been sprinkled with some kind of magic cooking dust, because Royce delivered perfect risotto on appetizers right afterward..

The women, on the other hand, were off to a much bumpier start with a soupy spaghetti from Dana, another round of uncooked scallops from Barbie, and a codastrophe from Brianna who completely halted the dinner service with her charbroiled fish.

Over on the men's side, Clemenza didn't fare much better and pretty much lost his mind cooking Beef Wellington for a table full of soldiers. The sweat poured down his face while Ramsay screamed "Take him to the Marines!" and I wondered if he was going to survive the long walk to the table to apologize for his transgression.

In the meantime, the women botched their beef wellington, cod, and dumplings and as Ramsay ranted "TOUCH THEM!!!! TOUCH THE DUMPLINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!" he caused them to break their promise and shut the kitchen down while the men somehow managed to complete dinner service.

The women put up Brianna and Barbie and Gordon Ramsay called up a third person; Roshni, who he thinks may be over her head. In the end, though, Brianna, who "fought a cod and the cod won" was asked to leave.

Stay tuned tomorrow for another recap and be sure to visit my Food TV page for all the latest!


Here's a recipe for fish that would even have Gordon Ramsay smiling!

Until next time, happy cooking everyone!

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  1. He should have sent Roshni home. She is cute, but dumb as a stump :)