Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Hell's Kitchen, Season 10 Episode 4 - And the Bitches Shall Ride

Tonight's episode of Hell's kitchen saw a fiery return of the Hell's Bitches and in an initial challenge that involved sheep herding, Beelzebub came out in full force for the ladies.

The teams were charged to create a variety of dishes featuring lamb and when Robyn and Barbie from the red team began cooking, Robyn was told by her team mates that she had put the meat on too soon and although she knew better, Robyn acquiesced and reduced the cooking time.

Of course the rack of lamb came out raw.

Or in Gordon Ramsay speak "RO-WAH!"

But the kicker is that the two ladies of Satan chefs who were the most vocal about the lamb being overcooked - Dana and Danielle - were the first to throw Robyn under the bus and blame her for the red team's eventual loss.

Let's hope that the age old adage "What goes around, comes around" comes to pass sooner than later because I can quite honestly say, I can live indefinitely without these two.

Meanwhile, the men's team was sent for a day at the races while the women were left to bathe sheep, clean the kitchens and partake in a lunch of lamb testicles - and while one of my early favourites, Kimmie, managed to choke down five testes all on her own, there was a lot of choking and gagging happening amongst the bitches. 

Danielle, who just couldn't get her testicles down got into a sparring match with Kimmie and, because she's apparently an Einstein, came up with an insult about Kimmie's weight.

(Yah, that's original) 

Moving right along...

During dinner service Ramsay slowly picked off the chefs one by one, kicking them out of the kitchen as they messed up and leaving behind the chefs who were doing well. In the end the much smaller teams managed to complete service but both teams were declared losers by Ramsay and he asked them to come up with nominees to leave.

The Hell's Bitches nominated Roshi and Danielle while the men nominated Brian and Don and, in the end, although Brian had the second Codastrophe, it was Forrest Gump like Don who was given his walking papers - and in a surprise move, Roshi was taken from The Hell's Bitches and moved to the blue team.

My prediction: her days are numbered.


The chefs were cooking New York Strip tonight.

How about this Kitchen Witch version, sure to make any old Hell's Bitch just a little bit nicer!

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1 comment:

  1. I couldn't believe how much cod the "chef" Brian wasted, so much that cod had run out before any was even served! Don really did look lost for most of this episode, definitely one of many I can not see capable of running a kitchen.