Monday, June 25, 2012

Hell's Kitchen Season 10, Episode 7 Clemenza is Granted a Stay of Execution

Tonight's episode of Hell's Kitchen found the chefs in a scallop induced fervor, sauteing their hearts out for a first time ever fashion show in the dining room.

The red team, despite ongoing personality issues, managed to get their scallop appetizers out on time while the blue team floundered around like a group of beached mackerels; and with swordfish and pigeons as the entree course, I had to wonder which team was going to drown and which chefs were going to be ordered to fly the coop.

Meanwhile the men's team got itself into a tizzy when the bathing suit portion of the fashion show began and there was nothing quite like watching bug eyed Royce drool all over the meat station as the models pranced about.

While that went on, a covert mission began to unfold on the red team involving Robyn and some overcooked beef. She started strong on her station but after two steaks were over cooked, she tried to talk her team mates into crossing the line to the blue side to get more. Though the girls made several valiant attempts at channeling their inner meat Mata Hari's, in the end the omnipresence of Gordon Ramsay who, like God, sees all, cast aspersions on their efforts and soon enough all hell was breaking loose in the land of beef and pigeons.

Luckily for all, Kimmie was on her game tonight and kept things moving and on time at the pass. Royce, on the other hand, with all of his self congratulatory big talk, failed miserably and I thought he was going to get himself kicked out of the kitchen. Somehow, though, both teams completed service in time to watch the tail end of the fashion show. 

It wasn't good news for Clemenza, though.

After a mishap pre-cooking scallops prior to the fashion show he was already on thin ice with Ramsay and, apparently  missed the memo regarding our Kitchen God's culinary omnipotence leaving a stack of unused sword fish in the kitchen.

The result: A win for red team which meant none of the Hell's Bitches would be going home tonight. And the world can breathe a huge sigh of relief because, after all of their bickering, Robyn and Kimmie have made up.

The two chefs up for nomination were: Clemenza and Guy and though Clemenza messed up during dinner service his passion and ability to cook was validated by Chef Ramsay and Guy was sent home.

Are you hungry after watching all that cooking? How about a beautiful steak (perfectly cooked this time) in a sherried mushroom sauce?This one is guaranteed delicious!

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  1. That steak looked fabulous! I have a bottle of Sherry just begging to be used in a recipe like this.

  2. Definitely try the recipe Patti :-) It's very good!