Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Hell's Kitchen Season 10, Episode 8, The One Thing that Must be Removed from a Lobster

Tonight's episode began with a reward challenge that tested the chefs ability to adapt. They were each assigned with having to choose four mystery ingredients from underneath a variety of silver domed dishes in order to come up a perfectly balanced meal.

Once the dishes were composed they presented them to a panel of Michelin Star judges: Anita Lo from Annisa, Douglas Keane from Cyrus, and Michael Cimarusti from Providence - and unlike the fashionista judges from last week, these chefs were kind and provided constructive criticism.

But it wasn't enough for Robyn, who announced in her trademark Rocky Balboa style that she hated one of her chosen ingredients, beets, and received the lowest score of 1 star for her dish. Royce also didn't fare well and served a whole poached lobster to the Michelin Star judges with a side of long brown hair. Not to mention the mystery lobster ingredient the censors kept bleeping out that I am assuming is the sac which is located just behind the lobster's eyes. Many recipes say that the sac should be removed because it can be filled with shell particles, bones from bait, and digestive juices that are not very tasty.

The women won today's challenge and were sent for a luxurious day at the spa while the blue team (and Roshni) were tasked with cleaning out the dorms - a job that, quite frankly, I would need a Hasmat suit in order to perform.

And then it was onto the arena kitchen where the teams would once again face each other in battle!

You would hope by now they would have gotten into some kind of a groove - as did Gordon Ramsay who upped the ante by inviting celebrity guests Tito Ortese and Sugar Ray Leonard to sit at VIP chef tables in the kitchen.

The blue team was off to a rocky start with improperly cooked pasta from Clemenza, but the red team rocked it out right from the gate with Christina's risotta.

And I don't know what was more entertaining, Chef Ramsay's histrionics or Tito Ortese's enthusiasm over the state of insanity happening around him. As an aside, Sugar Ray Leonard spent the bulk of the evening looking shell shocked and sympathetic - especially while Robyn "conversated" with him and his wife. But not so much for Ortez who seemed to get happier and happier with each culinary transgression, even going so far as to snap pictures when Ramsay shut down the blue team's kitchen.

With the blue team gone, the red team took over and finished their dinner service.

As such, the men (and Roshni) lost once again and they were charged with having to put two more of their own up for elimination. As if taking a cue from the Hell's Bitches, the men decide to put Clemenza and Brian up - not because they were the weakest links but because they are the bigger threats. Of course, His Holy Omnipotence, Gordon Ramsay saw through the whole thing and put Roshni and Patrick up. Sadly, Roshni was sent home. (I thought it was going to be Patrick)


Want to try an amazing recipe for lobster or prawns? This one for twice baked potatoes is a real show stopper!

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1 comment:

  1. As we are watching every episode hubby says he never wants to eat in fine restaurants if they feel, pinch, swipe at your food like that before it reaches you. I hate the way Gordon Ramsey hollers and in general belittles everyone, yet I tune in every week.