Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Hell's Kitchen, Season 10, Episodes 5 and 6, Let the Feudin Begin!

It was another night of ferocity on Monday for the Hell's Bitches and even though they were the reward challenge winners, it didn't stop some misguided, wine soaked, third party information from Tiffany about the authenticity of Kimmie's tacos from further deteriorating an already dysfunctional team and, once again, the bitches entered Monday's kitchen at each other's throats.

Meanwhile, back in the blue kitchen the men tried to make nice for the sake of their new team mate Roshni - but as dinner service progressed, it became the battle of the undercooked/overcooked meat for both teams and with Chef Ramsay on a particularly ferocious rampage, our fun loving cooks were being kicked off the line one by one during what Ramsay referred to as a "Mexican night massacre." Miraculously, the last two chefs standing were Roshni and Brian on the blue team who managed to get dinner service completed. But because the night was such a disaster, both teams were advised to put up two chefs for elimination.

The blue team nominated Guy and Patrick, the red team nominated Barbie and Danielle and in the end, we were all left hanging because the eliminated chef was not revealed.


Tonight's episode began with last night's elimination and one of Hell's original Bitches, Danielle, was forced to say buh bye.

The teams made their collective way back to the dorms where more smoking and craziness ensued.

Weasely Royce tried to take leadership from Patrick and  Clemenza, in a sweaty, heavy breathing fury, pep talked the team as they prepared themselves for the reward challenge where the chefs were tasked with creating a tasting menu for three fashion designers: David Meister, Amanda Che, and Ina Soltani.

Each team was to produce one appetizer and two entrees with one seafood and one poultry dish.

The winning dishes would be on the menu for the first Hell's Kitchen fashion night and it was exciting to see the men really coming together to create a swordfish puttanesca.

At the same time, things weren't gelling in the same way for the women - big surprise - and I worried because the designers were specific in their requests for spice and flavour; a concept Kimmie got and was more than willing to fulfill.

But know it all Robin, who frequently channels Rocky Balboa, was adamant that salt and pepper were the only spices they would be needing.

The judges - who were brutally honest - were also not hoping for fried food of any kind, but that didn't stop Tiffany who served them deep fried egg plant.

Robin's non seasoned sea bass, however, got few points from the fashionistas - a fact that Robin took absolutely no accountability for - and that started yet another fire on the women's side of the kitchen, this time between her and Kimmie.

In the end the blue team won and were sent for a day of shopping and wine tasting in Malibu while the red team was left to transform the kitchen into something sleek and stunning for fashion night.

But with a brand new menu for both teams, a trip on the crazy train for Clemenza who began cooking his scallops about 45 minutes before service, and a feud a brewin between Kimmi and Robin, they are going to need all the help they can get!

The episode ended at dinner service and we are left until next week to find out what happens next,..

If you're looking for a healthy, flavorful chicken dish that would appeal to any fashionista, look no further. My Mediterranean Chicken and Potatoes in Parchment Bundles are an easy and delicious entree choice! The printable recipe can be found here.


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  1. Tiffany needed to get kicked off. Half of the problems were because of her anyway, and Danielle’s raw pork incident was terrible. Gordon Ramsey is a hard piece of work but his cooking restaurants speak for them selves, so he has to be doing something right. I hate to miss any of his shows and I often forget to record them, so that why I got a Hopper from Dish because it will automatically record them for me. A Dish co-worker told me that the Hopper’s PrimeTime Anytime feature automatically records all of my prime time shows on NBC, FOX, ABC and CBS everyday. The feature will only record the shows in HD, and I can skip recorded commercials!