Monday, June 25, 2012

Master Chef Season 3 Episode 7 Ryan Goes Home When the Lava Runs Out

Tonight's episode of Master Chef began with our home cooks being awakened at 3:30 am by the judges - and the reason? Today's challenge. It had the cooks battling it out in a busy hotel kitchen preparing 130 room service breakfasts.

The team captains, Christina and Josh chose from the contestants and each then selected one person to be expeditor: Monte, on the blue team, and Felix on the red. But while Monte was incredibly vocal in her approach to getting the blue team's food out, a stray cat apparently got hold of Felix's tongue and the red team was left in disarray.

It was nothing that Christina couldn't handle though, and once again - despite the fact that she is visually impaired - Christina rose to the top of the pack as team leader in this incredibly difficult challenge.

On Monte's side of the kitchen, despite her strong organizational skills, her eventual downfall began with a plate that was returned because a diner found a hair on the eggs, and a simmering power struggle began with Josh that eventually turned into a full on boil.

The red team didn't get all of their plates out but with 60% of the votes from the hotel diners, the red team won and the blue team had to face the pressure test.

Meanwhile, Monte said it best, these were home cooks who just took over breakfast service in a busy Los Angelas hotel - some of whom had never been in an industrial kitchen let alone worked in one during a slam - and as their food was going out I was amazed by how fantastic it all looked. 

Unlike their chef counterparts on Hell's Kitchen who get slammed everyday, though, it is interesting to note that none of our home cooks appear to be smokers - begging the question, is their something about working in professional kitchens that makes one crave nicotene?

As the cooks lined up for their elimination challenge they are told that three of them will not be competing in the pressure test: David Martinez, Frank, and Monte - and though she hasn't made friends of Ryan and Josh, I was THRILLED to see Monte's exemption because she has won a permanent place in my season 10 heart!

The rest of the competitors were tasked with creating the perfect molton lava cake and after much trial and error to come up with perfection, Anna and Josh were both declared safe and Joe Bastianich went on to say that Anna's cake was as good as any cake you could have in a restaurant and that it was an example of how to create baking perfection.

Ryan and Tali weren't as fortunate and after a failed attempt at a Molten Lava cake, it was Ryan's time to leave.

Hungry from watching all this cooking? In honour of today's breakfast, you've got to try my amazing Mushroom and Gruyere Omelet.

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1 comment:

  1. Hi lovely lady.
    This looks so Yummy we love Mushrooms with Eggs. We always have a big Breakfast on Sundays looks like one is a must.. As you must know I'am taking a Break right now from my Tablescapes for my family time.. I hope you are having a great week with your family. My hubby and friends love the Prosciutto and Basil Wrapper Prawns,so good at are last dinner party. This was in Whitewater Cooks at home...
    XXOO Diane