Friday, June 15, 2012

Next Food Network Star Season 8, Episode 5 - A Muzzle for Martie?

This week on Next Food Network Star, the mentors surprised our would be kitchen celebs with a visit to their apartment, where they sat with each individual to share a little advice. Some of the cooks took this valuable information to heart, while others made the mistake of disregarding what their coaches had to say - a mistake because, this week, they were going to be tested for their sense of versatility and their ability to thrive by, none other than, Guy Fieri.

Each team would host an on camera special in front of a live audience where there would be only one take and they would have to be adaptable to any mistakes made. Each team was also given a theme around which to build their show. 

Team Alton got "Halloween," Team Giada got "Big Game Day," and Team Bobby got "Cooking for a Wake" - which had everyone's jaws dropping until they figured out Fieri was joking. In the end Team Bobby got "Cooking for Kids," and decided to take a healthy approach with Turkey Meatballs and Spaghetti Squash from Michelle, Crispy Chicken Tenders from Malcolm, and a risky green Pineapple Smoothie from Nikki.

Team Giada featured Stuffed Chicken Wings from Yvan, Teriaki Sliders from Ippy,Vegetarian Quesdaillas from Martita, and Chocolate Cranberry Football Cookies from Linkie.

On Team Alton, Justin didn't disappoint with his crispy fried fish skeletons. Emily put together tiny jars of giveaway apple sauce, Martie chose Fiery Chicken Wings, and Judson chose a Vegetarian Chili. He was also advised to feature his weight loss journey while Martie was cautioned to watch her time.

This part of the show frosted my flakes - big time - because Martie, who was second last to present with Emily following, had absolutely no regard for time or her fellow team mates and dominated her portion of the challenge, going way over and leaving Emily with less than a minute to present her piece.

But chickens sometimes do come home to roost and after the other two teams presented, Alton's was declared the challenge loser, which in the end, came down to Martie and Judson.

Sadly, while the judges liked Judson's story in regard to his weight loss journey, it was too little too late and he was asked to go home.

I was sorry for that as I would have been very interested to learn more about his healthy living tips and recipes.


With game day in mind, why not try my fabulous recipe for Sweet Chile Thai Chicken Wings

These are great any day of the week!

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