Monday, June 11, 2012

Orange Chocolate Chip Snack' N Cake "Susan's Citrus Snacker"

Hi everyone!

It's time to reveal this week's special recipe designed especially for a Kitchen Witch friend who correctly "Named that Dish!"

When I emailed last week's winner, Susan, she shared that she would really love some kind of dessert or cake and because last week's Banana Chip Snack'N Cake turned out so well, I decided to come up with another moist and easy to make Snack 'N Cake for Susan that I'm calling "Susan's Citrus Snacker."

Click HERE for the printable recipe or watch the step by step video.

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  1. Ok, that cake looks ridiculously good! I think I may have to adapt that one, love the flavour combination.

  2. I also made the banana snackin cake and it was really good, in the eighties they sold cake mixes called snackin cake but yours is much better, I will love to give this one a go as well,

  3. Love it. Thanks for my own 'personal recipe'.