Sunday, June 10, 2012

What's New at The Kitchen Witch This Week?

Hey everyone!

After a whirlwind week for me in my blogging and work world, I'm looking forward to some down home comfort classics, sprinkled in with all of the fabulous food related programming on right now!

Our week will begin bright and early Monday morning with another Monday expert and her recipe for corn and bean salad that I will be making for myself later in the week!

Then stay tuned for the first of our comfort classics Monday afternoon - this time by way of an easy dessert named after another Kitchen Witch "Name that Dish" winner on the Kitchen Witch Facebook page.

And if that wasn't enough, recaps for Master Chef and Hell's Kitchen will be making an appearance later Monday evening or first thing Tuesday morning. I am dying to see if the women continue to lose their minds on Hell's Kitchen!

Watch for another installment of "How a Pork Tenderloin Saved My Life" on Tuesday with the knowledge that we are just about coming to an end. I have to admit, it gives me a bittersweet feeling to finally get there...

And then later Tuesday evening we'll have more hilarity from Hell(s) (Kitchen that is ;) and another recap of Master Chef.

Weekday Wednesday has me super excited because I've created an upscale version of Homemade Hamburger Helper that you're not going to want to miss!

On Thursday - while Pork Tenderloin is just winding down, Cherry Hill is just getting started. Without giving too much away, I will be springing something BIG on the good people of Cherry Hill so be sure to stay tuned!!

Friday will bring another recap of Next Food Network Star along with a fabulous new recipe for salmon to get your Foodie Friday weekends started off right. My poutine plans remain on hold until I source out the right cheese curds, but never fear, I will be making Chantal's recipe soon!

 And then Saturday we will be taking a day of rest - so no cocktails or gossip -  this is because The Pool boy and I are going to be shooting a Kitchen Witch video called Sunday Dinner - the first in a monthly series that we're very excited about!

Onward to a Fabulously Good week ahead!!


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  1. I would agree that it looks like a 'fabulously good week' -- I've become so accustomed to reading your blog before bed and over the weekend! So much going on! I love it!

  2. Sounds fantastic!! Cheese curds...what kind are you looking for?? I live close to the Bothwell Cheese factory, we LOVE our curds! lol

  3. A lot to look forward to this week, thank you for such an interesting blog.