Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Hell's Kitchen Season 10 Episode 13 "Potato Gate"

It's been awhile since my last Hell's Kitchen blog. This because Robyn and Barbie drive me bat shit crazy  I've been waiting for some of the less talented cooks to go home. But last night's debacle featuring original menus from both teams promised to bring an interesting dinner service that I felt might just be blog worthy.

So with Gordon Ramsay telling everyone "Tonight will be the night," the kitchen was open for business. The red  team's menu featured grilled rib eyes with Kimmie's signature barbecue sauce beef jus, a tender grilled duck, and flat bread.

The blue team did a squash blossom appetizer featuring scallop mousse with lobster and grilled sea bass and though it all sounded delicious, Robyn's inability to properly cook the squash blossoms found the blue team running short on seafood and she was forced to head into the dining room to apologize for her transgression.

In the other kitchen, Kimmie was on meat and Dana was on fish and though Kimmie had some initial difficulty on the red team's meat station, she quickly bounced back and managed to put out tender looking duck and mouth watering rib eyes. Not so much for Dana, though, who cooked her halibut perfectly, but botched the lobster tails, assuming they were pre-cooked she served them to the guests completely raw. So much so, Ramsay exclaimed "It's pinker inside than Paris Hilton's lipstick!"

With Justin on meat and Clemenza on fish, service was a bit of a clown show for the blue team and caused Ramsay to lose it old school Hell's Kitchen style screaming at Clemenza "I will nail you to the bleeeeeeeeeep pole" while Clemenza added to the sauce by sweating all over the sea bass.

With an hour and a half into dinner service and less than half of the blue kitchen served, the diners were beginning to grow restless, and though the red team seemed to have momentum, they were serving up raw potatoes to the dining room. Tiffany, who apparently needs a lobotomy, was responsible and though she brought the kitchen to a grinding halt, she exclaimed into the camera that she cares about food more than her family.

If raw potatoes and cooking in dirty pans are any indication of that, my advice would be to pray for her children. She was removed from the kitchen and retired to the lounge for a Red Bull and a cigarette.

Unfortunately the blue team didn't fare much better and after Clemenza served up some more raw fish, the entire team was kicked out and Chef Ramsay completed service with Scott - leaving Ramsay exclaiming "Tonight was one of the most shocking services ever."

Because of that, there was no winning team and they were charged with nominating two people each to go up for elimination. This caused quite the bru ha ha on the blue team between Justin and Robyn and, in the end, Robyn was selected as was Clemenza.

On the red team it came down to Tiffany and Barbie and though Tiffany stood and cried claiming she enjoyed the experience and badly wanted to be there, this was the same woman sucking back on a cigarette and a Red Bull earlier.

Meanwhile Barbie, with her full Warwick on, claimed to be a team player as the rest of the red team stood back and cringed.

In the end, Tiffany was selected to leave Hell's Kitchen and Chef Ramsay left the chefs with a warning: he is no longer going to carry any of them, and is going to begin making massive cuts in episodes to come - to this I say sweet holy relief! Let's cut the fat and get to the marrow.

And that's the blog.

But before I go on, and in the spirit of living my cooking life vicariously through food TV, here is one of the dishes I would serve in Hell's Kitchen if I was responsible for the menu...

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  1. Thank goodness Tiffany is gone, all she did was complain and make excuses every other episode. I love to watch the show "Hell's Kitchen". I bought the Hopper because my Dish coworker told me that it would automatically record all prime time shows everyday on CBS, NBC, FOX and ABC in HD. I'm also able to record up to six shows at once during prime time hours, so there's not much I'm missing out on.

  2. I just loved last nights episode. Did anyone else notice that Tiffany didn't even have the energy to talk at a normal pace, yet she said she hadn't given up! I really would like the show even better if Gordon Ramsey did a little less belittling and cursing. The poor "diners" got a real ear full! Seems like this season we have more "characters" than real cooks.

  3. It seems like there is always someone on the show who everyone can't stand and lasts forever. This season - Barbie! Tiffany's raw potatoes were a big no-no though.