Friday, September 14, 2012

The Adventure Continues... I am a Finalist on Season 2 of Recipe to Riches!

Okay, it's time to let the cat out of the bag... those of you who've been around the blog awhile will remember my disappointment when I auditioned for season 1 of Recipe to Riches and almost made it onto the show. A disappointment that then turned to opportunity via The Real Women of Philadelphia contest.

But what I haven't shared - until today that is - is that I auditioned for Season 2 and this time I was selected as a finalist! This in itself is something I'm incredibly proud of as thousands of Canadians auditioned or submitted recipes. Plus, crossing "Cook on the Food Network" off my bucket list has been really quite thrilling!

But now that the cat's officially out, I would be remiss if I didn't share with you, my dear readers, the stress and angst I put myself through prior to getting on the plane and heading for Toronto.

Pretty much, every neurotic fear a person could possibly drum up, along with a few more I'm considering trade marking, were running through my mind the night before I left. On one hand, this was something I had been dreaming about for two years, but on the other hand - was I, INSANE?

Don't answer that.

And sitting on the couch self medicating with a tub of Ben and Jerry's - low fat, thankyou very much - I began to worry about the endless possibilities for potential disaster... what if I forgot an ingredient? What if the judges hated me? What if I made a fool of myself on national television? Or worse... what if I initiated some regrettable form of group hugging?

People, WHAT IF????

So that's what was on my mind the night before the next big adventure of my life. Racing thoughts about my recipe, the fear of failure under pressure, and how many pounds the camera might actually add when...

What was that?

I felt a weird sensation in my left arm right below the arm pit and immediately jumped to the worse case scenario: I was having the Big One.


So I jumped off the couch and did the fifty yard dash down the hallway to the bedroom where my husband was watching TV.

By now I'm clutching my left arm, my face has gone the colour of chalk, and I'm heavy breathing "This is it!!!"

Thankfully, The Man I Married has been around for many imaginary heart related incidents - including the time at Superstore when I lost my mind down the detergent aisle - so he was able to keep a relatively cool head.

"Is the feeling just in your armpit or is it running down your arm?" asks the man of the hour.

Until then, it had only been in my armpit, but as soon as he asked, I became aware of an odd sensation swooping down my arm.

I hit myself several times in the forearm and said "Yes!! Yes!! It's now running down my arm!"

Are your fingers tingling?

They hadn't been before, but as soon as he asked, I could feel slight tingling starting in my right thumb.

"Yes!! Yes!! I'm tingling... Oh my God, I'm tingling!!! What does that mean???"

I'm certain he was sorry he asked.

The good news is that my bout with pre-reality TV panic only lasted about 10 more minutes and I was able to get my act together enough to pack my bags and head to Toronto.

As to what happened next... you'll have to watch the episode I'm in which airs on October 24th! Better still, watch the entire season. It begins October 17th on Food Network Canada,

Now, back to regularly scheduled blogging!

With Autumn in the air, you're definitely going to want to have my recipe for Caramelized Onion and Mushroom Tartlets in your repertoire! The printable recipe can be found here: Mushroom Tartlets.

Enjoy the step by step video!

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  1. Vintage Lyndsay. Love it! And best wishes...

  2. I am wondering if there is a way for people not living in Canada to see the show??

  3. OMG!!! I might be a little late in reading this, but CONGRATS!!! This is soooo fantastic! Lyndsay, I wish you all the best and cannot wait to hear more! And, like Patti T. asked, any way your south of the boarder friends being able to watch the show?