Tuesday, October 23, 2012

One Life - Recipe to Riches - Here's to the Dream Chasers!

"It’s a great big world and you'll see
It could pass you by at light speed
You got one life, one life
Don’t stop live it up"

- Hedley, One Life

I have always had theme songs; music and lyrics that define who I am and, better still, where I hope to be going as I make my through the triumph and tragedy of an ordinary life.

But ordinary is a word I have always had trouble with because, just by virtue of taking one breath in and one breath out while we navigate our collective way through the human experience, we are elevated to the extraordinary.

All of us.

Perhaps it was that: my overwhelming belief in the possibility each of us has to be extraordinary that attracted me and caused me to take a chance and audition, not once, but twice, to be on the popular Canadian reality cooking show Recipe to Riches.

Cynics out there might laugh or shun me, making light of my experience without ever fully understanding what it is to put your whole self out there on public display with no apology or fear - to be fully willing to be vulnerable as an exchange to chase a dream.

And make no mistake; all of us who took a risk, sent in a recipe, attended the auditions, and faced the judges are dream chasers. People who believe there might be more to life than clocking hours and counting the days between pay cheques.

Recipe to Riches has given us each the possibility to dream big and for that and so much more, I am beyond grateful.

If you're in Canada I hope you'll tune into the Food Network tonight to watch myself, Jennifer Innis, and Stephen Childs as we challenge ourselves, create lasting friendships, and embark on the culinary adventure of a lifetime!

"You can’t get it
If you don’t keep giving
Can’t get it if you don’t
Keep giving

It’s a great big world and you'll see
It could pass you by at light speed
You got one life, one life
Don’t stop live it up"

Here's to the dream chasers!

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  1. I wish I could watch it, you inspire me so much.

  2. So excited to watch tonight!! It is finally here!! :D

  3. It was great going through this experience with you, Lyndsay! I'm so grateful to have met you! I think these stressful (yet, exciting!) situations have a way of creating close friendships that no one will ever quite understand! Here's to tonight! ;)

  4. I wish I could watch, I am guessing those of us in the U.S. will not be able to see the show.

  5. Bravo Lyndsay,

    You gave an incredible performance! Garth & I watched and SO wanted to try your Asian wraps - will look for your recipe.... Be proud of yourself - 2nd best savory snack in Canada - what an accomplishment!

  6. Excellent Work!!!

    You're snack wraps look so amazing! They truly are the perfect snack. I know all of my friends would die for them! I found the recipe on the Recipe to Riches Website. Definatley will be making some.
    Great Accomplishment!!!
    Better than most of us will ever do :P

    Thank you!!