Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Next Iron Chef Redemption, Episode 3, "I Am Anything but Flat"

Tonight's episode of Iron Chef had our competitors working with acclaimed food photographer Todd Selby to create photogenic representations of who each of them is in the world of food and I was immediately struck by the way the male chefs were given life on film as compared to the women who came across as happy, smiling entities and not the ferocious kitchen ninjas we know them to be.

However, in an apparent attempt to weaken part of this year's "Team Girl Power" last week's winner - the nefarious Jehangir Mehta - paired Elizabeth Faulkner and Amanda Freitag to battle in this week's Chairman's Challenge. Their task: to recreate one another in one perfect bite that would showcase simplicity.

The other pairings were:
  • Jehangir Mehta vs. Spike Mendelsohn
  • Alex Guarnaschelli vs. Marcel Vigneron 
  • Nate Appleman vs. Eric Greenspan
As the cooking got underway, I had flashbacks of Top Chef Seasons Past as oft embattled Marcel Vigneron had to muscle down at the refrigerator and fend off a Stanley Cup worthy body check from Nate Appleman.

But though our plucky foam aficionado emerged VICTORIOUS with a final fistful of truffles, he made no lasting friendships with Nate Appleman who asked to borrow some of the plunder and was denied.

"When a man's got truffles in his pocket he begins to appreciate peace."

Meanwhile, the battle waged on and the chefs came up with another round of memorable dishes. The ones that came out on top were: Spike's unusual homage to Jehangir Mehta with a bacon wrapped prawn (note to Spike, for the love of Allah man, do your homework the next time you plan to serve bacon), Alex's cheesy, unctuous, caramel drizzled rendition of Marcel on a plate, and this evening's winning bite - a toothsome forkful of home made pasta featuring anchovy sauce in all of its misunderstood glory created by Chef Freitag in homage of chef Faulkner.

This left four of our chefs (Eric Greenspan, Elizabeth Faulkner, Jehangir Mehta, and Marcel Vigneron) battling it out in the mystery ingredient challenge featuring Rice Krispy and Raisin Bran Cereals and it was truly a revelation to see them all work their magic.

In the end, though, Elizabeth Faulkner was advised by Judge Simon Majumdar to battle in the mystery ingredient challenge every week because her last two offerings have been nothing short of genius, and sadly, Chef Greenspan was selected to go.

For the record, I think he was let go way before his time.

Oh well, such is the world of cooking competitions...

As always, I try to compete along with the show as a home cook and have decided to share my rendition of "the perfect bite" - this one is an homage to Chef Greenspan - I hope you enjoy!

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  1. Sounds like a great appetizer! Gotta check out your tapenade recipe, I have been looking for a good recipe for tapenade.