Thursday, December 27, 2012

Win a Keurig Coffee Maker and Vote for Me!

Ho Ho HOLY Smokes!!!

Your favourite Kitchen Witch is full.

Full of good memories, good thoughts, and good wishes to one and all for a wonderful New Year ahead!

It should also be mentioned that I'm full of turkey (but don't tell anyone).

I slept late, rolled out of bed, and made myself the ULTIMATE turkey sandwich which for me is comprised of: fresh bun, mayo, gravy, cranberry sauce, stuffing, turkey, and black pepper - Oh MY!!

Other than that, today is going to be spent low key - I'm staying in my pj's and reading a book.

Stay tuned, though,  for some great new recipes and stories later in the week!

Until then, if you have a minute - would you mind popping over to this link at ifood tv and voting for one of my recipes in their annual Christmas contest? My Steak Crisps, Holiday Tapenade, Caramel, and Truffle Salt videos are all being featured. Vote for me and win a chance at a Keurig Coffee Maker!!

Happy Holidays and see you in a day or two!


Lyndsay ~The Kitchen Witch

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  1. Too bad the contest is over! You certainly have my vote.