Monday, January 21, 2013

A Dream on Inauguration Day

My mom wrote this beautiful poem several years ago and we have been so moved by the inauguration that I wanted to share it here. Regardless of which way you vote, its message of peace and love is for all.

Love from Canada!

A Dream

Dedicated to Martin Luther King written on January 21, 2009

Today we saw a dream come true
Bringing a new faith in time
A dream that had been delivered
To the masses of meek and sublime

That on January 21, 2009 a black man
Would be accepted by all
He would be the next President of the
United States of America
And would honor that dream and that call

The dream that all men are equal
In the world from the South to the North
And he would bring forth that dream and if able
Would honor and carry it forth

A dream that now we could honor
And all live with love and with pride
A dream that all men are equal
Able to choose and not to divide

And far up in the clouds like ribbons of color
That the wind had blown so high
The Angels of past dreamers and leaders
Look down from the sunlit blue sky

"Hallelujah" they chant as they hold out their arms
Our prayers they cry they where heard
And with each new dawn and tomorrow
Speak of love speak of love speak the word

Now is the time to remember
What was then and now has passed
And believe that forever equality and love
Are dreams that forever can last


On January 21,2009 Barack Obama became President of the United States of
America.  He would become the first African American to be voted President by
a nation who believed in the dream and what is equality and freedom.

Foot note:
Today January 21, 2013 the world is seeing this remarkable American Barack Obama
being inaugurated for his second term and once again Martin Luther King is honored
for his enduring dream.

Written by Glenda Gerrard



  1. Thanks so much for sharing your mother's wonderful poem! I am so pleased that President Obama was elected in the first place and am ecstatic to have him for four more years.


  2. This poem made me smile. I am very much looking forward to four more years!