Sunday, January 13, 2013

Roast Chicken Stuffed Potatoes with Mushroom Pan Gravy

Over the holidays my *now* adult son came home for 12 days and though it was wonderful to have him so close, he- as a young person who's had to struggle a bit with budgets and money - commented that I was wasting a lot of food.

It hadn't really occurred to me up until then, but with all the food blogging and cooking I do, sometimes excess leftovers have ended up in the garbage - and I am ashamed of this.


In a world where so many people have so little, throwing food away seems like the ultimate insult - one I resolved at the start of the new year, to stop doing. So today's recipe isn't just incredibly delicious - and ultimately easier and healthier than a full blown roast chicken dinner to put together - it also demonstrates how to get the very most out of a roast chicken in order to create a few different recipes from one reasonably priced bird.

To get the printable recipe for these amazingly comforting stuffed baked potatoes, click HERE.

Please enjoy the easy to follow step by step video

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