Thursday, February 7, 2013

Nutty Butterscotch and Chocolate Oat Bars

There's something special, and a little old fashioned, about oats, and butterscotch - and when the two come together in a bar the end result is just delicious!

Better still, like shortbread, these get even better a few days after baking and keep beautifully in air tight containers.

Just click here to visit the printable recipe

 I hope you enjoy the easy to follow step by step video.

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  1. One of my husbands favorite dishes from his childhood was an olive and beef dish so I am thinking he would really like this. I must remember to make this soon.

  2. Looks great Lyndsay... I finally joined Blogger! YAY!! I signed up for your blog! I had a heck of a time getting it started,, thank goodness for Anna,, she walked me thru it and now I have all my recipes posted!! Have a great night,,, Brenda

  3. Those butterscotch chocolate bars look so good, thanks for sharing!