Monday, April 15, 2013

How to Make Ukrainian Perishke - Monday Meet the Experts

I'm back with another installment of Monday Meet the Experts!!This time with an old fashioned recipe from the Canadian prairies called Perishke.

There are many variations of Perishke, (or Piroshki), but essentially they are pillowy little buns stuffed with a variety of sweet or savoury fillings like cherry, plum, prune, cabbage, chicken, or beef. Some people deep fry them, but in Manitoba, which is where I'm from, we baked them.

Perishke were a tradition in Ukrainian homes on the prairies at Christmas and my  best friend's mom used to make them in huge batches over the holidays to freeze. I can remember gobbling them up as quickly as I could get my hands on them - they were so unique and so delicious.

But then I grew up, life moved on, and my roads took me away from Manitoba, my beloved prairies, and the many traditions that live on there..

I thought they were lost for good and that I would never have perishke again - but all that changed when I started blogging and learning more and more about food, cooking techniques, and culture. Over the past few years I have learned to make pasta, ravioli, perogies, egg rolls, and spring rolls - so what was stopping me from making perishki?

Only the recipe.

I knew I had to get it right, though, and decided I would settle for nothing less than the beloved recipe from my friend's mother Mrs. Jean Uhryn - who kindly sent it to me, written by hand, last month.

O it's with great pleasure that I invite you to join me on a fabulous foodie adventure today as I re-create a memory and learn how to make perishske! Please enjoy the video.

The printable versions of the three recipes in the video can be found here:

Perishke Dough
Ground Beef and Onion Filling
Chicken and Mushroom Filling

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