Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Three Killer Potato Salad Recipes for Weekday Wednesday

It's Weekday Wednesday once again! The day I feature quick and easy weekday recipes that are big on flavour and full of fresh, beautiful ingredients - and what better as we approach the languid days of summer, picnics, and barbecue parties than incredible recipes for potato salad?

In preparation for this, I issued a challenge two weeks ago on my Kitchen Witch Facebook Page calling for all of my favourite cooks and foodies to enter their best recipes for potato salad in my first contest of the summer.

The response, like the recipes, was incredible and in the end I decided on three finalists:

Loaded Baked Potato Salad from the blog Running with the Devil(ed) Eggs

Blue Cheese Potato Salad  from the blog Food Thoughts of a Chef Wannabe

And Potato Salad with Red Peppers from the blog Hun What's for Dinner?

To pick a winner, I prepared all three recipes and did a live taste test on camera. I also employed three other off camera taste testers: my dad, mom, and husband and after much debate because it was very, very close, we picked a winner.

So tune in to see who won and make sure you subscribe to my Youtube channel while you're there! I put up four new videos every week to coincide with this blog but I also put up other fun slice of life videos, bloopers, and all kinds of silly stuff - including my "famous" video featuring me eating a raw oyster for the first time!

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Here's the video!

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