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Amanda's Real Parents - Cherry Hill Episode 22

Hello dear readers and welcome to another installment of Cherry Hill! When last we left our saga, Jack, Amanda and the children narrowly escaped detection by Walt Fischer and The Association and made their way to safety in Twin Lakes Forest by ducking into a hidden passage behind a waterfall. As they readied themselves to set up camp for the night, Jack promised to reveal to Amanda the secrets of her birth.

We resume our story there.

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Victoria Morgaine stood in the tiny kitchen of her cramped New York tenement apartment and sighed as she made soft boiled eggs for her infant daughter Amanda. Adding salt, pepper and a little fresh butter to the soft bright yolks she smiled despite herself as Amanda clapped her hands in anticipation. Soft boiled eggs were her daughters favourite breakfast and despite the many frightening setbacks her small family had faced over the year since Amanda's birth, Victoria was grateful they had enough to eat.

"To the Gods," she said in a cultured Irish brogue, and tossing salt over her shoulder made her way to her daughter.

With the bright blue eyes, glossy raven hair, and luminescent skin of her ancestors Amanda was a beautiful child and Victoria had gone to great lengths to disguise that beauty by dressing her daughter in drab brown clothing and a variety of equally drab hats to throw off any attention or suspicion. Though she and her husband Tristan had no idea before Amanda was born, the signs had been there from the beginning and Victoria cursed herself once again for falling victim to love thus bringing a Chosen into the world.

Her Watcher had been right when she warned Victoria against taking up with Tristan, but he had been so funny and so handsome in that carefree way of the French aristocracy that she had fallen completely under his spell - and she under his.

The wedding had been a joyous event, bringing two of the oldest families of the Zanzibar together and despite the repeated warnings from Watchers, Victoria and Tristan looked toward the future with hope and optimism. Folklore and legend had surrounded their families for centuries and though Tristan and Victoria both believed in and ascribed to the old ways, it was a braver new world in 1920 Europe and both carried hopes for a modern future.

At the same time, nothing had gone unnoticed by The Association. A secret order that dated back to the days before Christ, The Association or La Commande de la Puissance, worked toward a world order based on control and worked tirelessly to quell sources of power from outside its realm. Any fear, doubts, or hardships that the people of earth experienced were entirely in the control of The Association and no old magic was going to stop that.

Every Chosen in the last 500 years had been taken care of and in the modern age, thanks to the vigilance of the Watchers, no Chosen had been born.

Until Amanda.

The bright eyed little girl clapped her hands in glee as Victoria fed her the soft warm eggs and gently sang a song to her in the old language:

Bheir mi óró 'bhean ó
Bheir mi óró, ó 'bhean í
Bheir mi óró ó hó
'S mé tá brónach 's tú im dhíth

And as the power of love and happiness grew in the room a soft tinkling of bells began in all four corners and the air became iridescent in soft hues of gold. And then they were there. The fairies of the protection realm. Beings of the purest light and love that Victoria had heard about all of her life but never really believed existed.

With nothing more than a smile and a feeling of glee, her 1 year old daughter was able to summon them and transform the very essence of a room to one of peace and light and in that moment Victoria understood what it meant to be the mother of a Chosen.

If The Association knew one walked among them they would stop at nothing to destroy the light that child brought into the world.

She and Tristan had left Europe and come to New York. They had given up all ties to the families and the lives they left behind. The Watchers had taken every precaution in staging their deaths so that there was no record a child had ever been born to the family of Morgaine - and still, in that moment as brightly lit fairies in gradient hues of gold flew around the room, Victoria knew it wasn't enough and as Tristan walked in the door, his eyes filled with wonder, she dreaded what she knew she would have to tell hm.

Amanda could not stay with them. She could not be raised in a family of the Zanzibar because as the bonds continued to mature and grow, so would her powers.

Victoria looked across the small gold infused apartment at the man she loved and as their eyes met, no words were needed. Amanda would have to go to a family and a place far away from them and the secrets of her heritage and as Victoria held her husband tight, she used her mind to send a thought request to her Watcher...


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