Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Next Food Network Star, Episode 4 - Big Screen Bites

Tonight's episode of Food Network Star had me fooled. As a long time reality Maven, I can usually predict who will be going home; and tonight I thought it was going to be Nikki. Remember when I mentioned she hasn't been putting up videos on her YouTube channel? I surmised she wasn't uploading because she was probably busy doing "other" things, so when she put up a delicious looking video last week for Burst Tomato Pasta, I was worried.

But Nikki, who looked as though she was in serious trouble this episode because she doesn't have experience cooking in restaurants, impressed the selection committee with her dish and her presentation and...

I'm getting ahead of myself.

Only because I'm excited about this week's challenge as it had the finalists participating in one of the latest food fads: dinner and a movie. Working in teams of three, the finalists were tasked with creating a themed meal for a group of movie viewers and a movie trailer to reflect these themes of Romance, Western, and Musical.

The trailers would be shown at Cinépolis, a luxury cinema where the Selection Committee along with the focus group of viewers would decide which team's menu and performance was their favourite.

The Challenge

Viet, Chad, and Demaris were on Team Romance and made a menu featuring a chicken wing, shrimp and grits, and berries with whipped cream. Remembering feedback from previous challenges, Demaris worked hard not to be overly flirtatious, which must have been difficult since Chad and Viet took what was supposed to be Breakfast at Tiffany's and turned it into Nine and a Half Weeks. Demaris, however, did well this challenge and managed to look sweet and innocent despite Chad's uncomfortable (but hilarious) channeling  of Dirk Diggler while he introduced his chicken wings.   

In the meantime, Stacey, Nikki, and Russell were charged with creating recipes with a Western theme, and though Russell expressed concern over Nikki's lack of restaurant experience, his Western Spaghetti (get it?) didn't quite make the mark.

Finally, Team Musical  featuring Lovely, Rodney, and Chris created a robust trailer featuring the three finalists channeling their inner blues singers. Unfortunately none of them tapped into their inner cooks and three dischordant courses were put up - with the most off key note being Lovely's beignets which were made with prepared pizza dough fried up and coated in sugar.

As I watched the judges turn up their noses on this dense creation - poor Giada could barely take a bite - I shook my head and wondered who could ever conceive of making such a dish. 

To me, it sounded like one of those viral Pinterest recipes that never really translate as actual food - so imagine my surprise when I googled Pizza Dough Beignets and found the leading recipe on Google to be from none other than Giada! Prominently featured on the Food Network website: Giada's Italian Doughnuts.


It was Lovely's night to learn the Wizard is just a guy standing in front of a green screen and stars, no matter how bright and shiny, can still occassionally fall from the sky.

On that note, she was sent home. 

As for me, after all that, I need a drink! 

In keeping with the theme of romance, how about a Cupid's Kiss Cocktail?

Until next week everyone, here's wishing you all a CHARMED life! You can get caught  up on all of my Food TV reviews here: Food TV Index.

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