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Krissi Makes Fresh Pasta - Camping with the MasterChefs! Season 4 Episode 15

Well now. Ever since last week's previews depicting Krissi and company in the great outdoors, I've been excited. Why? Because what could be better than our home cooks being sent into the middle of nowhere on a rustic camping trip? Kind of like a dysfunctional version of the "Very Brady Camping" episode I loved as a wee lass in the 1970's - only with cooking, wild mushrooms, and Joe Bastianich.

It was a team challenge so as per usual, the two people with the best dishes last week - Natasha and Bri - were captains, and there were no surprises when Krissi was once again, chosen last. But there was a surprise when the captains were told they would be switching teams - which meant that arch rivals Krissi and Bri would be stirring their collective pots together!

And here's where I want to say "I told you so" because even though Krissi is vocal and has no problem spewing her burning disdain for Bri (and all other hipsters in the South Street area), she was a respectful team player during this challenge - even going so far as to say "That's okay," when Bri dumped an entire plate full of food on the ground at the 11th hour before the dish was to be presented to the judges.

But I'm getting ahead of myself.


Bri's chosen blue team was Eddie, Luca, and James but with the twist, she ended up with Natasha's team of Krissi, Jordan, and Jessie - which meant that Eddie, Luca, and James ended up on the red team with Natasha.

When both sides sorted themselves out they were presented with their ingredients and because Bri had the best dish last week, she got to choose between rabbit and pigeon as the team's protein. She picked rabbit - and came up with an idea to braise it and prepare it with wild mushrooms and pasta!

People, fresh pasta! In the forest, *again* with Joe Bastianich!

As if that wasn't enough excitement, the villainous Krissi stepped up to the plate, pushed all fear aside, and said "I will make the pasta," mixing out that dough while sitting amongst the tree stumps and rolling it out to pasta perfection using a wine bottle.

Not to be outdone, Eddie on the red team also had his superhero cape on and spit roasted those pigeons within an inch of their medium rare lives - finishing them off in a pan like the meat maestro he is in an effort to secure a win for the red team.

When all was said and done, the judges loved both team's dishes, but in the end they loved the red team's pigeon just a little bit more, which meant that Eddie, Natasha, Luca, and James were all free from elimination. They were also tasked with choosing one additional cook from the blue team to go to safety and, big surprise, they chose Krissi.

People am I alone in this when I say I'm shaking my head in disbelief?

The woman has proven time and time again that she can cook - I mean, Joe even went so far as to compare her fritatta to his mothers! And, hello, his mother is Lydia Bastianich! She has produced the perfect cheesecake, amazing homemade sausage, and rolled out pasta on a tree stump using a wine bottle.

In other words, why doesn't anyone think she's a bigger threat?

But Krissi ain't no fool, and smiling like the Cheshire cat, made her way to safety as Bri, Jordan, and Jessie - who has never competed in an elimination challenge - were told what they would be making: six perfect chocolate eclairs.

Though this was a challenge I assumed Jessie would rock, both she and Bri ran into trouble. Bri's choux pastry was undercooked while Jessie didn't get her filling into the middle of her eclairs; and Jordan - who is the cook with the least baking experience - managed to put together the best eclairs and was sent to safety.

This left Jessie and Bri, and because the judges felt undercooked choux pastry was the bigger of two sins, Bri was sent home.

Stay tuned next week for more MasterChef recap action!


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