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The Day Amanda's Mother Said Goodbye - Cherry Hill Episode 23

Hello dear readers and welcome to another installment of Cherry Hill! When last we left our saga we learned the truth about Amanda's real parents.

We resume our story there.

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Amanda sat in silence trying to take in everything Jack had just told her, but it was almost too much to believe. That she had come from an entirely different family than the one she grew up with - a family descending from French and Irish nobility guarding secrets that were centuries old - seemed like something from a romance novel, not a page taken from her own life.

But as Jack described scenes from her early childhood - of her in a highchair in a New York city apartment making magic dance around the kitchen - something twigged in Amanda; a memory of a long ago afternoon she had always thought was something she imagined - and as she sat in her hiding place with Jack overlooking the Lost Lakes, more of the past came swirling back.

A good looking man who picked her up from the highchair and twirled her around, her mother's sad blue eyes, and the lady in the long blue cloak who had taken her away - all of it magically removed from her memory until now - the day she was finally ready to reclaim who she was.


It was late. The baby had gone to sleep and Tristan had finally clambered to bed leaving Victoria alone with her thoughts. When Amanda had been born they were so hopeful - praying they're daughter had somehow skipped the lineage as both Victoria and Tristan had done. Hoping they would be able to live a normal life in America.

But from the beginning there had been signs. A brightness in Amanda's eyes, a knowing even as a very young baby, that this was not an ordinary child and although Victoria tried to pretend none of it mattered, that they could carry on as an average family, Amanda's powerful display in the kitchen told her it could not be. Amanda's powers would grow stronger in the presence of her and Tristan - but in an ordinary family Amanda's powers would completely subside, like a lamp not plugged into a power outlet, keeping her safe until the day she was ready to reclaim them.

For the sake of her people and the survival of the Zanzibar, Victoria understood she would need to make the ultimate sacrifice. It would only be a matter of time before a Watcher would arrive to take her.

The next morning, ten minutes after she kissed Tristan goodbye, there was a knock at the door. Marjorie Wilson, wearing a  long blue velvet hooded cape smiled efficiently as Victoria answered.

"The arrangements have been made," she said sweeping past Victoria and gliding into the apartment, "Where is the child?"

"In her bedroom," said Victoria, "I knew you would be here this morning. She is ready to leave."

For the briefest moment Marjorie Wilson had compassion in her eyes, but the moment only lasted as long as a flicker. There was a job to be done, and as a Secret Keeper Marjorie knew what was at stake and what might happen if the Association ever found out one of The Chosen lived.

"Come child," said quietly, "Let's not drag this out," and as Victoria tearfully packed the last of Amanda's belongings into a tiny suitcase, she held back a sob.

Time seemed to freeze as both women looked at each other - blue eyes locked on blue eyes - and then Marjorie made her promise, "From the depths of my being, you have my oath. This child shall be protected and will go to a good family who will love her as their own. When the time is right she will be told of her mother and of the sacrifices made. But you must promise that, until that day comes, you and Tristan will stay out of her life."

With tears running down her face, Victoria promised, and then giving her baby daughter one last kiss goodbye, handed her over to Marjorie Wilson. With the tiny suitcase in one hand and the baby in her arms, Marjorie walked out the door.

On the other side, Victoria collapsed.


Sitting in the cave overlooking the lake with Jack by her side, Amanda began to sob. Ancient tears she didn't even know existed came out in wave after wave as Jack sat helplessly, wishing he could take away her pain.

It was almost dark when she stopped crying.

Jack had fed the children and tucked them into their little camp beds leaving Amanda alone on her perch to sort through her feelings. And as the last sob came, he was there, arms open, surrounding her in a powerful embrace, fighting back every urge kiss her and finally make her his own.

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Please enjoy the next installment in the Cherry Hill Saga: Jack's Embrace Lights a Fire In Amanda

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