Thursday, August 15, 2013

What Happened on Next Food Network Star and MasterChef this Week

I know I'm a little late with my final thoughts on Next Food Network Star, but it's just that by the time we get to the end I always feel a little disappointed it's all over. I will say, however, I was happy that, despite the ghastly red kitchen Food Network stuck Damaris in for her pilot, the public got it half right and voted her the winner - I say half right because I would have been much happier to have seen Damaris and Russell in the top two spots.

Oh well, I've said my piece and in the spirit of good sportsmanship, I'm going on record by wishing Rodney well - plus I'm sure we'll be seeing his show on Food Network soon.What I'm going to be most curious about, though, is to see what happens with Damaris. If last season is any indicator, the promise of a show doesn't necessarily translate into reality; all we got from last year's winner Justin Warner was a one hour special.

What I would love to see from Damaris would be her cooking in a large, old, southern home with a big wraparound porch and an antique style kitchen with modern appliances - the old south meets the new right in the kitchen with lots of amazing recipes, techniques, and cocktails.


I'm not going to hold my breath waiting.

In other news, Jordan went home on Master Chef this week and Krissi, despite her new makeover, continues to be, well, Krissi. She won the mystery box challenge by cooking an amazing t-bone steak in a cast iron pan and siding it with lemon and blue cheese infused butter and a crispy potato galette.

As the challenge winner, she was faced with a plethora of poultry and got to choose a different variety of bird for each finalist to cook. Thinking she might finally knock Natasha out by giving her pheasant, our resident wicked bitch thwarted Krissi and rose to the occasion by doing an amazing pheasant breast with mushroom risotto cooked in pheasant broth - and I agree with Jordan; as he left he said Natasha is the one to watch for.

But I also think Krissi is an amazing cook - despite all the flack I've taken this season for supporting her. I keep thinking, though, that if past seasons are any indicator, poor Krissie is on borrowed time. In looking over my tough talking single mom stats, Christine Corley was sent home at #8 and Monty at #5 - so we'll have to see if Krissie can survive next week to make into the final four.

Stay tuned next week for a more detailed recap, and if Master Chef got you hankering a t-bone steak, check out: The Basics, How to Perfectly Broil a Steak



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