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Amanda Remembers... Cherry Hill Episode 27

Hello dear readers! First, let me thank you for your patience as it's been a few weeks since the last installment of Cherry Hill. Hopefully this week's installment will have made the wait worthwhile!

When last we left the story, Amanda was just becoming aware of her powers and left her children in the care of her Protector in order to try and save Jack.

Now let's retun to the story...

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Amanda had no idea where it was all coming from, but as she flung herself off the pathway to the entrance of the cave, a flood of memory came rushing back. She was so much more than Amanda Fitzpatrick, the persona she had been given for this incarnation, and as the true knowledge continued to saturate her being, Amanda had to lean against a large boulder for support.

Her soul's name was Kestrel. She was the daughter of Victoria and Tristan Morgaine in this incarnation and in all others, and though she had lived the entirety of this life until now as a mortal, in a flash of some kind of unknown magic, she was now remembering where she had truly come from.

The Zanzibar. A powerful lineage of white witches charged with the protection of the light who had been under cover for centuries for fear of persecution from La Verite, also known as The Association - an organization dedicated to the extermination of witches and other non-humans world wide.

Amanda shook her head in wonder. All these years it had been kept from her and she didn't understand why. But with the resurgence of her memory it pressed upon the very essence of her soul that Jack was still in grave danger and she had to find him.

But where to start? Since her initial knowing, she was getting nothing, and as the sun continued to sink lower on the horizon, for the first time Amanda began to feel fear. Yes, she had some memories coming back - but certainly not enough to lead her through the forest alone at night and now, with no protector and her watcher in danger, Amanda's heart began to beat a little faster. Especially when she heard noises coming from a stand of trees to her right.

Backing toward the cave, Amanda startled when another blue eyed wolf, this time pure white, stepped out from behind the trees and howled. But before she could run for safety, the wolf looked into her eyes and another wash of Knowing overtook her.

"Namanya!" cried Amanda.

The giant white wolf gracefully ran to Amanda's side and then, circling her three times, sat.

Unlike the Protector, Namanya could not talk or shift into human form, but as Amanda's full blood wolf familiar, she had been summoned by The Protector to take his place and assist Amanda in her search for Jack.

For the second time that day Amanda's mind flooded with more memories. Namanya had been with her since the birth of her soul - given as a gift from the Gods as one of the Chosen, Namanya would be Amanda's familiar, there to guide, love and protect her throughout the ages and as the two old friends looked into each others eyes, both felt a sense of coming home.

Namanya sniffed twice and pointed her regal nose to the East. As if they had never been apart, Amanda responded with a clap of her hands. She knew what Namanya was telling her, and remembered why her soul was called Kestrel - it meant "Wind Hover." As one of the Chosen, not only could Amanda fly, she could noiselessly hover high above the ground, completely undetectable to the people below.

Namanya howled once in the direction of where the opening to the path had been, and sent a message to The Protector on the other side. She was with Amanda and would not leave her side. The Protector nodded to the East knowing Amanda's journey was as it should be - life seldom went according to plan and when fate stepped in, it was the wise soul who knew not to fight it.

"Come children," he said to Sally and Bobby, "Your mother is perfectly safe. She is acting on a Knowing for the very first time in this lifetime. We should be excited."

The children looked relieved, but Sally - always the serious one - still worried.

"Those men were bad," she said, "And the woods are so dark at night. Without Jack, how will our mother ever know where to go?"

"She'll know child," said The Protector, "There is more to all of you than any of you could ever possibly imagine. The best part is, you're going to come with me to a school where you will get the chance to learn all about it. Before you know it, your mother will be back with Jack and we can all carry on with this adventure together."

"Will there be ice cream at the school?" asked Bobby.

For the first time that day The Protector, who had a wonderful sense of humour, felt some levity. "Bobby, the ice cream  is like nothing you ever tasted before."

With a wink and a smile he beckoned them forward.

In the meantime Amanda hovered above the tree line following Namanya who was tracking the scents of Jack and the men from The Association from the ground. They traveled the better part of three hours until Namanya led them into a clearing with a large building in the center, two planes, and what looked like a landing strip.

As Amanda hovered  closer, she recognized Walt Fischer and another man having a cigarette just outside the door of the building.

"Fischer, you better be right about this one. If we don't get the woman and those kids our neck is on the line."

"Grabbing Wilson was our best option," Walt Fischer snarled, "He'll be giving up whatever information he has about Amanda before the night is over. We've got The Association's best medical interrogator - who also happens to be a Dark Old - on the job."

Just then Val Peters, dressed in crisp nurse linens and holding a long handled object with a razor sharp tip poked her head out the door. "Gentlemen," she said curtly nodding, "I'm ready to get started."

For a split second Val's eyes darted upward, as though sensing Amanda's presence, but when a crashing sound came from inside the building they all jumped and ran in...


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